best ALBUMS of 2006

i did a mighty 2 podcasts presumably giving my nods to the best songs of 2006

well – my brain must have farted because i neglected a couple key tracks (i think i just forgot they actually came out in 2006)

hello! where was “hard to beat” by hard-fi? where was “rise up with fists” by jenny lewis?

anyway…here are my picks for best albums of 2006.

what makes a “best album” you ask?

well – i have to like all the songs enough to listen to it all the way through.

that might not sound like anything special – but, with the amount of cds that cross my desk…if i listen to more than a couple tracks…that’s a pretty good album!

wonderbug’s best albums of 2006

powered by frazy.com

  1. the kooks :: inside in/inside out
  2. lily allen :: alright, still
  3. hard-fi :: stars of cctv
  4. snow patrol :: eyes open
  5. arctic monkeys :: whatever you say we are, that’s what we’re not
  6. robbie williams :: rudebox
  7. razorlight :: razorlight
  8. jenny lewis & the watson twins :: rabbit fur coat
  9. hot chip :: the warning
  10. belle & sebastian :: the life pursuit

:: podcast :: best songs of 2006, part 1
:: podcast :: best songs of 2006, part 2

ps – i just got a call at work from a guy that is doing a tv show on some local cable outlet in windsor. this episode in particular is talking about the lack of support for hip-hop in canada. anyway – i’m thinking he’s going to ask us to buy an ad or something…and, he asks me if i’d like to come on his show to be interviewed on this topic.

i said: not me personally – but, you can talk to a member of the product dept.

he says: but, you’re in charge of marketing for hmv. why won’t you do the interview?

i say: i am not personally in charge of marketing. i work *in* the marketing dept.

him: well, who is in charge of marketing?

me [getting annoyed] : my director, saundra…who is out of the office for the rest of the week (knowing full well there’s not a snowball’s chance she’d go to windsor to do an interview on cable tv about hip hop.)

him: well, how can i talk to if you’re not in charge? wouldn’t you want to have your views known?

me: like i said already, the product dept would be your best bet because they actually buy the cds for hmv. i wouldn’t want to personally give this interview because this is not my area of expertise.

him: ok, i’ll talk to them.

me: good [transfer to reception hoping they’ll get rid of him].

i hate hard sells….they annoy me. good thing i get 3 gajillion sales calls at work every day – don’t get many interview opps…but, anyway. this is the equivalent to getting telemarketing calls at home.and, i’m not much more polite to them, if the truth be told.


so over 2006

I am so over 2006.

The beginning of 2005 sucked HARD!
But, the tail end of ’05 and the start of ’06 had me hoping for a turning of the tides.

But, it was not to be.

There was an unplanned (and unwise) marriage resulting in an estrangement.
There was a move to Japan.
There was a death.
There was another death.
Then there was another death.
Then there was another death.
Then today there was one more death.

It’s just too much. Too sad.

There are only 25 more days until this gawd-forsaken year is over.
Do you think it will be possible to get through those days without any further tragedies?

In closing, to the year 2006, I say this:


To help make up for my mood, I give you this:

:: web :: http://www.cuteoverload.com/


podcasts 4 & 5

EPISODE 4 :: let's go to the mall !!

if you've never seen HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, please just watch this.
i was sick as a mofo on last monday night - but, this made me laugh out loud.
why won't robin go to malls?
she was a teen pop star in canada named robin sparkles and her one hit song was 'let's go to the mall"
the song is so infectious i'm sick again (kidding).

:: website :: http://www.myspace.com/robinsparkles
:: video :: http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=1453772057

EPISODE 5 (a) :: people (with names)

Today, I begin my multi-part podcast devoted to: PEOPLE PLACES & THINGS!
This first entry in the saga is devoted to People..but, here's the catch...the people had to have names.

The next one will deal with the nameless...you'll see what I mean later.

1. The Fratellis :: Henrietta
2. Elvis Costello :: Alison
3. Johnny Cash :: Boy Named Sue
4. The Kooks :: Jackie Big Tits
5. Matthew Good Band :: Jenni’s Song
6. Sufjan Stevens :: John Wayne Gacy, Jr
7. The White Stripes :: Jolene
8. The Jam :: David Watts
9. The Clash :: Rudie Can’t Fail

please to enjoy!


podcast #3

between the covers

some wicked awesome covers for your sunday afternoon.

1. Lily Allen :: Naïve (The Kooks)
2. The Kooks :: Crazy (Gnarls Barkley)
3. Ryan Adams :: Wonderwall (Oasis)
4. Oasis :: Cum On Feel the Noize (Slade)
5. Coldplay :: Lips Like Sugar (Echo & The Bunnymen)
6. Snow Patrol :: Crazy In Love (Beyonce)
7. Deftones :: No Ordinary Love (Sade)
8. Nina Gordon :: Straight Outta Compton (NWA)
9. Stereophonics :: Handbags & Gladrags (Rod Stewart)
10. Travis :: Baby Hit Me One More Time (Britney Spears)
11. Veruca Salt :: Somebody (Depeche Mode)
12. Matthew Good Band :: Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode)
13. Bonus Track (not a cover – but, it makes me happy)


my second ever podcast!

part 2 for your enjoyment.

the best tunes of 2006 [part two]

1. Robbie Williams :: Rudebox
2. Fergie :: London Bridge
3. Nelly Furtado :: Promiscuous
4. Lily Allen :: Knock Em Out
5. Nina Gordon :: Kiss Me Til It Bleeds
6. Belle & Sebastian :: For The Price Of A Cup Of Tea
7. Emily Haines :: Our Hell
8. Snow Patrol :: Set Fire To The Third Bar
9. Jet :: Come On Come On
10. The Killers :: When You Were Young
11. The Kooks :: Naïve



my first ever podcast!

songs for the lovers

selected by wonderbug

the best tunes of 2006 [part one]

1. The Pipettes :: Pull Shapes
2. Arctic Monkeys :: I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor
3. Butch Walker :: Bethamphetamine
4. The Cribs :: Martell Miniatures
5. Dirty Pretty Things :: You Fucking Love It
6. Phoenix :: Long Distance Call
7. Raconteurs :: Steady As She Goes
8. Razorlight :: In The Morning
9. Ryan Star :: Back Of Your Car
10. Hot Chip :: The Warning

Enjoy! --


oooooooh...it's magic

ok - enough dilly-dallying.
let's talk about music.

the magic numbers are a interesting bunch.
two sets of siblings (side topic for conversation: what would a band comprised of al, martin and i sound like?) from the UK.

they look like metal greasers..but, have a sound that would make one such as myself say that they are the new MAMAS & THE PAPAS. yes, you heard that correctly.

their first album (self-titled) was filled with sweet airy harmonies, and some really tight pop songs.

they are set to release their follow-up, those the brokes, this fall and this little wonderbug is waiting eagerly.

the first tasty treat is the first single "take a chance" and based on how much i enjoyed the last album - i can tell you that this tune did not disappoint.

:: mp3 :: the magic numbers - take a chance
:: site :: www.myspace.com/themagicnumbers
:: site :: themagicnumbers.net


i'm not dead

despite reports to the contrary...i am still alive...barely - but, i'm still here.
i haven't been spending as much time blogging as usual...(was my last post really about Ryan Star winning Rockstar?)...it's that special time of year...CHRISTMAS!

Christmas is the time of year when co-workers get sick...so, instead of just doing your work...you're covering someone else.

Christmas is the time of year when there more than the "regular" amount of work (which is sometimes hard to manage under normal circumstances) and less time to do it.

Christmas is the time of year when everyone needs everything to be perfect and not only on time..but, preferably early.

Christmas is the time of year when you get home from work long after the sun has set and you only have the energy to heat a bowl of soup for dinner - even though you skipped lunch because you were tied to your desk and lost track of time.

Christmas happens every year. and even though you think you know everything that could possible trip you up (because you're learning from last year's mistakes) there is always a host of brand new problems, emergencies and crises to deal with.


But, on to better things.
Ryan Star's going to do an in-store for us. acoustic performance AND autograph session.
Boobaloo's going to be a very convincing Borat for Hallowe'en (i shall be his village peasant woman during whatever we decide to do on saturday).

And, we just got back from a few days in Montreal (see fruity drink photo above).
Wish there were more days off...*sigh*

I miss my brother...well - truth be told...I miss all of them.
Holidays are coming up and what Meat Loaf said is true "two outta three ain't bad".

signing off.



ryanstar = rockstar?

when rockstar: supernova started...i was all over the lukas train. he's a toronto boy...i had to show my support, and his first performace (rebel yell) proved he was a contender from the very begining.
i have to be honest. i didn't like ryan star at the begining. he bored me. i barely paid attention to his performances...doing songs by the rolling stones and ccr is enough to make me change the channel until someone more interesting takes the stage.
he's the one the infamous tommy lee quote "show me some boat, bitch" was aimed at.
after that...he started to show some boat.
dave has dubbed him 'the dark horse' and he's the only rocker thus far to earn TWO encores. and, he's arguably had more "moments" than even dilana (who is a bitch of the grandest proportions, but i digress).
may i present, ryan star...who won't win rockstar...but who IS a star nonetheless.

.: web :. ryan star (myspace fansite)
.: web :. stone crow records (get ryan's solo album)
.: web :. rockstar: supernova - ryan
.: web :. ryan star (msn live space)

.: mp3 :. rockstar week 4 - i alone (live)
.: mp3 :. rockstar week 5 - losing my religion (rem)
.: mp3 :. rockstar week 6 - paint it black (rolling stones)
.: mp3 :. rockstar week 6 (elimination song) - enjoy the silence (depeche mode)
.: mp3 :. rockstar week 7 - in the air tonight (phil collins)
.: mp3 :. rockstar week 8 - back of your car (original song)
.: mp3 :. bonus track - back of your car (acoustic version)


how to break an indie-band: clell tickle video

please for the luv of jeebus...watch this video!!!

this is the best thing i've seen this week.
and, it made me laugh..and, that's an awesome thing considering the craptastic week i've had at work.

FU HMV - it's the muthafukkin weekend, bitch!

.: you tube :. Clell Tickle: Indie Marketing Guru



3 people who make me laugh: everyone makes me laugh...it's not a hard thing to do.
3 things I love: james, my family, my job
3 things I hate: gwenyth paltrow, nicole kidman, paris hilton (yes....to me - they are "things")
3 things on my desk (at home): james' beer bottle, packing tape (a good sub for a lint brush), and assorted cds
3 things I am doing right now: downloading rockstar supernova mp3s, sweating, blogging
3 things I want to do before I die: retire, see london and paris, not want anything
3 things I can do: wiggle my toes, curl my tongue, type really fast.
3 ways to describe my personality: light, funny, annoying
3 things people might not know about me: i have places for everyhing, if i don't do things my way - i get flustered, i think in linear lines
3 things I think you should listen to: butch walker, lily allen, your conscience
3 things I don't think you should listen to ever: the devil on your shoulder, people who just like to hear themselves talk, g.w. bush
3 of my absolute favorite foods: spring rolls, chocolate ice cream, burritos!
3 things I'd like to learn: how to calm down, how to think faster, how to cook
3 beverages I drink regularly: water, coffee, juice
3 shows I watched when I was a child: polka dot door, math patrol, read all about it
3 people I tag to do this crap: doesn't matter - i do these for my own amusement.


lily does the kooks??? WHA??

remember when our girl was busy dissing every uk indie band under the sun? and then our poor lil kooks became the victims of her poison tongue? we had her back when she was talking smack about pete doherty...but, she lost us when her attention turned to the kooks...why the kooks? they are so sweet and good.

well...seems she's taken it back and made a little peace offering...here's lily doing 'naive' live on radio 1. sounds good with her sweet sing-songy voice, actually. wonder what the boys think?

.: mp3 :. lily allen - naive (kooks cover)
.: mp3 :. lily allen - live lounge...coming later


b-boys making with the freak freak

on thursday i had the SUPREME pleasure of working the beastie boys instore at the hmv at 333 yonge street in toronto.

and, also...because you know i like them...here's a little video starring my co-worker and BIG beasties fan HARRY (cue drum roll, biatches).

.: photos :. wonderbug's beastie boys photos on flickr


ok - here's what you do...

Open your Windows Media Player, iPod, whatever you got...and put it on shuffle.

Here's your soundtrack to your life.

  • Opening Credits: Ways & Means - Snow Patrol
  • Waking Up: The Saga - The Libertines
  • Falling In Love: God's Top Ten - Inxs
  • Fight Scene: Together - The Raconteurs
  • Breaking Up: Love Gets Me Everytime - Shania Twain (I couldn't make this stuff up...I swear this is what came on)
  • Make-Up: Digital Bath - The Deftones
  • Secret Love: Making Enemies - Snow Patrol
  • Life's Okay: The Future Language Of Slaves - Hawksley Workman
  • Autobiography: Another Affair - Divine Brown
  • Mental Breakdown: Here With Me - Dido
  • Driving: Mardy Bum - The Arctic Monkeys
  • Flashbacks: Midnight At The Oasis - Brand New Heavies
  • Happy Dance: (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman - Carole King (mheh...it was on shuffle...this one didn't work so well)
  • Regretting: Under The Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Long Night: I'll Be Your Man - The Shore
  • Final Battle: Locked Out - Crowded House
  • Death Scene: I See Red - Neil Finn (live version with Eddie Vedder)
  • Ending Credits: Girls & Boys - Blur

AND I DIDN'T EVEN CHEAT. this was fun!!!

beautiful midnight

so, i was having one of those days...one of those days where you're on the way to work and you're looking at all the songs on your friggin ipod and you can't decide what you want to listen to.

i've listened the crap out of all the new stuff i've gotten recently...new razorlight...girl talk...lily...tomi swick (much better than i thought i was going to be)...and, i couldn't listen to the kooks again (as much as i love it).

so, i'm scrolling around and finally passed by the "m"s.

matthew good band..................

"ok - i have listened to beautiful midnight in a long time...let's give it a whirl".

let me backtrack a bit and paint the picture for you.

i loved matt good...LOVED...boardered on obsession.

i was so in love with beautiful midnight that i listened to that damn album at least once a day for about a year (much to the chagrin of my cubical co-workers).

but, it was such a great album. hard and melodic and just plain awesome (i have a hard time liking music if i can't sing along to it).

so, today i'm listening to BM again after who the fuck knows how long and song after song that plays i began to remember how much this CD rocked.

hello time bomb...load me up...strange days...a boy and his machine gun...running for home...and jenni's song.

i was walking through the bay when running for home came on..and, i had to fight back the tears...i forgot how beautiful that song was.

aaaaaaand, i was thinking...hello time bomb would be a PERFECT song for one of the rockers to sing on Rockstar: Supernova! but, that will never happen (case in point - when 'born to be mild' dana said she was going to sing an underground song by a signer named 'sass jordan'...i bet the 1 million canadians watching that show LOVED that.)

don't you love rediscovering something you'd forgotten you loved so much?


new shit you must listen to

you must listen to the new sloan track.
new album coming this fall...this is the first taste.
a little treat because, to the best of my recollection, we've never had a jay track as the first single (if this is, indeed, the first single).

as you would expect from a jay track - it's melodic and sweet in the vocal.
but, it's got a rockier edge to it (perhaps the influence of patrick? i don't know).

it's very 70's rock...me likes it.

.: mp3 :. sloan - who taught you to live like that?

you must listen to the new razorlight.

when their first album came out - they were dubbed (as soooooo many before them) as the "next big think from the uk".

i saw them at lee's palace and mr johnny thought he was the fucking man! he was strutting around the stage like mick jagger and it threw me off.

i wasn't keen on them after that (even though i admit "golden touch" was an awesome track). johnny even had the NERVE to diss the kooks (how DARE you!...even though lily allen's done the same thing now, too...but, i digress).

but, then tracks started to surface from their new self-titled album. songs like 'america' and 'pop song 2006' and the first single 'in the morning'...and, i started to come around.

they're good. listen.

.: mp3 :. razorlight - in the morning

you must listen to girl talk.

the name is pretty lame. i admit that. but, it's not what you think.

girl talk is an awesome artist....who's art is the mash-up...but, not like the mash-ups you've grown used to. these are works of fucking art (that will never be released by a major label). i'm waiting for the lawsuits to start pouring in.

the first single from his new cd 'night ripper' is a certified club anthem....'bounce that'.

.: mp3 :. girl talk - bounce that


ballad of jimbo and mickey

another chapter in the ever growing saga...

for your viewing pleasure:

the ballad of jimbo & mickey (a cautionary tale)


al's van-city adventure

recently, my brother took a mini-vacation to vancouver.
to his an old friend and for an interview (for a job in japan).

he sent me the pics...silly boy.


.: linky :. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytk98wvM4y8

ps...he got the job.
he (and my littlest brother) are leaving in the fall. :-(


jt is sexyback

mr timberlake is set to return.
and, he's got timbaland along for the ride.

first single from this forthcoming new cd, is "sexyback".....

it's alright - but, i have a feeling it will grow on me.

i wasn't crazy about "like i love you" at first either...but, after repeated listens i recognized its brilliance.

.: mp3 :. justin timberlake - sexyback
.: website :. www.myspace.com/justintimberlake


rockstar supernova

i'm so happy.

having a boyfriend that works nights gives me a lot of free time in the evenings.
sometimes, tv is a good friend to have.

and, i'm so excited that ROCKSTAR has returned to my life once again this summer.

last night saw the first episode of season 2 hit the airwaves.
tommy lee, jason newstead and gilby clarke (to be known from this point forward as supernova) were joined by series host brooke burke and permanent guest judge dave navarro.

special treat for moi? supernova producer BUTCH WALKER was also in attendance. i think he'll be stopping by the show every now and again (in between tour dates to promote HIS new album).

contestants....i'm only going to bother writing about the ones that deserve to be written about.

  • storm - stoopid name....but, a good rendition of the who's "pinball wizard"
  • patrice - loved her doing "somebody to love" by jefferson airplane
  • dilana - i have nirvana..but, she was good doing lithium. she won't be able to get away with her "just stand there looking crazy" routine next time. i hope she changes it up and does something soft and romantic. just to show her range.
  • josh - gotta love a man that loves the black crowes. he had a good vibe. would like to hear him do gavin degraw's "i don't wanna be"...he'd be good with that.

LAST NIGHT'S BEST PERFORMANCE: that belonged to toronto's own lukas rossi.

formerly of the band cleavage, rossi has worked with some notable canuck musicians (tea party, edwin, philosopher kings, alex from rush...)

his performace of billy idol's "rebel yell" was a new wave explosion. he SCREAMED rockstar, nevermind just saying it, tommy!

he's the one to watch. he will no doubt get tonight's encore performance.

he was electrifying! like greased lightning!

.: web :. http://rockstar.msn.com/
.:. recap :. what's alan watching? - rockstar ladies night


two mustachioed businessmen

one day, two old businessmen (with mustaches!) came upon a wonderful device known as "the webcam"!
they enjoyed many amazing adventures with their new friend. but, none as memorable as that first day!

[excuse the typo at the end of the credits...i was working fast.....very tired!]

.: linky :. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0J0lgYD9JDg


new jarvis cocker

i always loved this guy.
didn't always like pulp...but, jarvis was always a character
from jumping up on stage while jacko played the brits...to appearing in the last HARRY POTTER movie as one of the weird sisters....the cock-man was always one to watch.

he's set to release a brand new solo effect..and, the first single is here for your listening pleasure.
i gives it the thumbs up.

.: mp3 :. jarvis cocker - cunts are still running the world


the next karate tranny

happy canada day!



but, i really want to hate it

i hate fergie from the black eyed peas.
she was rad on kids inc...but, that was a long long time ago.
i could even stand her in wild orchid (the stoopid female pop group - not the mickey rourke movie)....but, then she started having plastic surgery and dressing like a HOOOORE!

and, now i hear that she's coming out with a solo album.

i really wanted to hate it....

but, damn...it's catchy.

curse her!

.: mp3 :. fergie - london bridge

virgin festival

we've been giddy to discuss this for ages...finally we can.

the list is up: http://www.virginfestival.ca/vfest_bands.html

will discuss later tonight.

suffice to say "YAY MASSIVE ATTACK"!


awesome...they fuggin shot that!

the beastie boys first live dvd "awesome...i fuckin' shot that" is almost ready to see it's release.

july 25th to be exact, children.

mark it in thy calendars.

.: website :. awesome, i shot that
.: website :. you tube trailer


i'll be with stupid

i am a very happy girl.
pet shop boys will be bringing their new tour to n. america in the fall to promote their new cd "fundamentals".
  • Tue Oct 10 - Montreal, Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier
  • Wed Oct 11 - Toronto, Hummingbird Centre


confessions in a stadium

my camera was carefully hidden inside my wallet last night.
and, for good reason.

i was in montreal to see madonna at the bell centre.

my seats were amazing.
i was on the floor....in the aisle....RIGHT BESIDE THE CATWALK.

the opportunity to reach out and touch madge was presented to me...but, i happened to be fiddling with my camera at that exact moment...and, it passed quickly.

but, i do have lasting memories...and, some pictures.

.: website :. wonderbug's flickr photos


ALSO! in the next few days...look for TASH'S & SBF'S GREAT MADONNA ADVENTURE *VIDEO*!!


the bug.

* Future Lovers
* I Feel Love
* Get Together
* Like A Virgin
* Jump
* Live To Tell
* Forbidden Love
* Isaac
* Sorry
* Like It Or Not
* I Love New York
* Ray Of Light
* Let It Will Be
* Drowned World/Substitute For Love
* Paradise (Not For Me)
* Disco Inferno/Music
* La Isla Bonita
* Erotica
* Lucky Star
* Hung Up


and, you can dance....for inspiration

countdown begins.....wednesday night i will witness....thursday night i will share the experience.
montreal - here i come.


snow patrol reschedule n. american dates

as promised, gary and his snow patrol buddies have rescheduled all their cancelled north american tour dates.

they will come back around september 13th to the kool haus.

lovin eyes open...so, will not miss this show.


new beyonce - not so crazy in love anymore

hmmm...so, soul-sides posted the first single from beyonce's new album (b day - released on september 5th....one day after her...um...b-day...so clever! blah).

the track is called deja vu and it's another collaboration with boyfriend jay z.

it's got the same "old time" feel that christina put on her new track - but, less successfully, imho.
but, i do like the jay z part (i always like his parts, though...)

take a listen and let me know what YOU think.


oh, happy day! kooks cd gets n. american release

good news, boys and girls!
my fav new brighton boys are bringing their poppy blend of rock this side of the pond.

the kooks' debut release "inside in inside out" is getting a north american release via emi music canada.

july 25th is the joyous day!

and, you know what this means? when the album is released...the band playing a gig in toronto is never far behind (the shore...i'm looking in YOUR direction...let's make it happen with album number 2, huh?)

.: previous blog entry :. the kooks...ie, "my new fav song" alert



not as bad as i thought it was going to be

I am 38% Asshole/Bitch.

Part Time Asshole/Bitch.

I may think I am an asshole or a bitch, but the truth is I am a good person at heart. Yeah sure, I can have a mean streak in me, but most of the people I meet like me.

nelly furtado - on the loose

so, nelly's new cd "loose" is available this coming tuesday (june 20th).
and, based on the first single - the pumpin' "promiscuous" [feat. timbaland] - i really expected to be hooked on this album from the first listen.

today - the cd entered the office. so, i immediately asked my boss to borrow hers (didn't want to wait for mine to make it's way from across the building from the product dept).

popped it into the ol puter and let it go.


that's the best way i can describe it.

not all of it is as hip-hop as the first single, as i hoped it would be. especially considering tim produced the ENTIRE ALBUM!
"I grew up listening to hip-hop and R&B but when it came to my own music, I kind of put that on a shelf. With this record, though, I knew I wanted to have that sound." - nelly furtado
but, i did give it only one listen....more chances is definitely in order...to be fair.

i'll give it another shot tomorrow.

if you want to give it a listen for yourself (no - i'm not posting it...sorry)...umusic.ca has included a link to stream the album in it's entirety.

.: stream :. nelly furtado - loose (you need real audio)

you can also stream the new keane album "under the iron sea" if you have the interest....

.: stream :. keane - under the iron sea (you need real audio)

ps - don't you love the booty nelly's got going on in the photo posted above? it looks like it's someone else's ass pasted on her body!



lily allen “alright, still” :: track by track

a little birdie sent me the album. and, now I present my track by track analysis of one of the most eagerly anticipated albums of the year.

.: smile :.
allen opens her album with the breezy smile (a track aimed at a loser ex – one she enjoys tormenting). the light airy sound belie the bitterness of the lyrics.

“…but, you were fucking that girl next door…whatchu do that for?”
.: knock ‘em out :.
this was the first lily allen track I heard. at the time she reminded me of a female mike skinner. easy, everyday delivery of lyrics that could be heard round any pub. a killer beat behind makes this a head bobber.

“no you can’t have my number – because I lost my phone.”
.: ldn :.
great old-time ska trumpet sample opens this track. another example of lily at her most easy natural best. half sung – half rapped ode to her hometown (London for the uninitiated).

“sun is in the sky. oh why – oh why would I want to be anywhere else?

.: everything’s just wonderful :.
things are going wrong all around her – but, she’s alright. having the time of her life, in fact! poppy tambourine and keyboard fill out the back of this tune.

“everything’s just wonderful. I’m having the time of my life.”
.: not big :.
every guy’s worst nightmare….breaking up with a girl. that girl getting famous…putting out a highly anticipated album…and, hearing a song where she’s telling everyone not only do you have a tiny dick – but, you were crap in bed, to boot. snap!

“i never wanted it to end up this way. but, you’ve only got yourself to blame…you’re not, you’re not clever. not big whatsoever!”
.: friday night :.
so you think the venom is saved for ex-boyfriend’s only? hardly. allen’s got words for stoopid females, too. this one tells the tale of some stoopid ho who gets all “female” on lily one Friday night in the club (getting the bouncer to search her and making her night a big hassle from beginning to end).

“test me and you’ll get a reaction. another drink and I’m ready for action. I don’t know who you think you are. but, making people scared won’t get you very far."
.: shame for you :.
with a smokey, bar-room flavour “shame for you” evokes thoughts of a 40s lounge singer. a cautionary tale…allen’s telling her adversary “don’t take me on” least she bring the pain! watch out!

“don’t try to deny because my fuse is ready to blow.”
.: littlest things :.
with a classical piano sample, this is the countless influence that has shown up on alright, still. another one about her and her boy – this time a longing, whistful remembrance of times past. easy to identify with these lyrics – allen’s just riffing on the simple things couples enjoy – no matter how “lame” they seem. but, after all is said and done – is this the end of our once happy couple? say it ain’t so!

“sometimes I wish we could just pretend – even if ony for one weekend.”
.: take what you take :.
heck yeah! bout time lily turns it out! complete with laser sample – this is THE dance track – just waiting for some producer to lay their talented remix hands on it. that laser sound reminds me of the beastie boys! and there ain’t nothing wrong with that!

“what the fuck do you know? just cuz you’re old and think you’re wise…”
.: friend of mine :.
a steady reggae beat keeps the time to this one. reminiscing of a friendship gone wrong. what happened? why is there so much sadness and loss in your music, lily? I love you best when you’re biting and witty – but, with that air of humour that makes you so cute. so cute – no one can hate for you cutting them down! more of that please!

“you’re no friend of mine. you’re just a waste of time.”
.: alfie :.
as a big sister, I sympathize with lily. and I know exactly what she’s doing. let me explain something about big sisters. we love our little brothers – and, always try to help them. but, we enjoy pissing them off – as much as they love pissing us off. so, calling out your little brother for drinking and wasting his life in the final track of your album – brilliant! well played, lily!

"oh little brother, please refrain from doing that – i’m trying to help you out. so can you stop being a twat. it’s time you and I sat down and had a little chat. and look me in the eyes and take off that stupid footie cap."

and, there you have it. the first album by miss lily allen.
a hit in my books - let's hope that blogger hype can translated into sales and make this girl the star she deserves to be.

mark it in your calendars, kiddies. alright, still lands in UK record stores july 11. [note] looking at a fall release in n. america, probably.....


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lily allen makes me smile

giving shit to a loser ex-boyfriend who continues to be a thorn in your side?
sign me up!

this video is pretty awesome.
not only does she look really cute (i think i might have a girl crush on her), but she's totally bad-ass by paying friends to beat up loser ex, and then trash his home and scratch his vinyl!
then she goes and slips some laxatives in his coffee...and, then when he gets home and has to go pooh...there's stuff in his toilet!

can't wait for when the album is released!

.: video :. smile
.: video :. ldn (oldie but a goodie)


wanky and whiney as usual

ok - all is right with the world once again.
i maintain that thom yorke and his radiohead cronies have been wanky and whiney since the release of OK COMPUTER.
i loved THE BENDS. loved. loved. LOVED.

then thom stopped singing. he seemed more concerned with knob twiddling than with carrying a tune.
i blame all self-obsessed musicians on radiohead's whiny ways. dashboard confessional? i'm looking in your direction.

but, their fans seem to eat it up.

they'll pay anything for these guys.

the internet is nearly clogged with people passing around the tracks to the new thom yorke solo disc THE ERASER (released via xl recordings on july 11). so, who am i to say no?

so, i did the unthinkable - i took a listen.

and, i'm glad to report that he's whining like nobody's business...the songs are all ethereal and computer-y.
i hate it.

radiohead snobs will love it.

the streets will be soaked in their urine.


it's getting cold here in hell

sorry...i don't know what's going on.
it's just that one day the world is as it has always has been and things make sense...then BOOM!
everything is different...

day is night - night is day
right is wrong - wrong is right
yes is no - and no is yes
and, you like a christina aguilera song. i'm scared.

i know - it's hard to believe - but, it's true. i think the world is officially coming to an end.

the track is from her new album, tentatively called, BACK TO BASICS. and will probably been hitting the streets summer/fall time.

produced by preemo (thanks al!...aka dj premiere) and features the jazzy throw-back sound everyone's been talking about - but, is completely contemporary and just plain HAWT!

i've had this song on repeat for an hour now - and, i'm feeling a little faint.
excuse me while i go grab a cookie.


.: mp3 :. christina aguilera - ain't no other man

"you got soul, you got class, you got style - you're bad ass...ain't no other man but you!"


this is a local shop. we'll have no trouble here.

as alluded to in the post below - i've been rather sick lately. and, to help me pass the time my boy has been letting me watch all the tv i want (while he is regulated to the computer room to play spider solitaire or video games). jeebus bless him.

but, last week - a friend recommended a bbc show called THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN. the name was familiar (and not just from that shizzy sean connery movie). so, we rented the first series from our local video shop (the film buff).

written by four friends who met at college, it is then performed by three (Mark Gatiss, Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith) who like Little Britain's Matt and David and a host of others they don clothes and makeup to perform the majority of the characters seen on the show. (side note: my favourite gentleman is reese....)

well - i've never seen anything like it. and, it was amazing.
the series takes a look at the locals of a little village in northern england called royston vassey (the sign for the village reads "you'll never leave").

with the most bizzare and ecentric characters this side of LITTLE BRITAIN, L.O.G. is quiet spectacular - with a unique dose of pathos and horror thrown in the midst of comedy.

fav characters of mine include...

tubbs & edward: married siblings (ick!) who run the "local shop" that sells only to "locals" - if you are not a local beware - they have been knows to kill visitors! they specialize in "precious things" known in the real world as "snowglobes"...and, edward has an odd way of making tubbs take off her clothes for the visitors they are about to torture...and, tubbs can only count to one number...TWELFTY!

pamela doove: the worst actress in royston vassey. she has a normal speaking voice - but, when asked to recite the line "Excuse me. Does anyone have a bottle of orange juice?" it inexplicably turns into THIS - shouted at the top of her lungs!

Scoosbeev is my new favourite salutation!

papa lazarou: a circus/freak show/gypsy leader...he goes from town to town (in black face!) putting on his show and stealing wives! all the while asking for Dave! one of the best voices i've ever heard...it will keep you up at night.

so, three series and a christmas special later - and, we've now seen all there is the to TV show The League Of Gentlemen....the only thing to look forward to now - is my brother finding a copy of the movie online somewhere.

until then....Scoosbeev!


.: website :. total league of gentlemen fansite

.: website :. league of gentlemen fansite

.: website :. bbc - comedy guide

UPDATE! found this pic...looks like the boys did a signing at HMV...oh to be on THAT side of the pond.