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as alluded to in the post below - i've been rather sick lately. and, to help me pass the time my boy has been letting me watch all the tv i want (while he is regulated to the computer room to play spider solitaire or video games). jeebus bless him.

but, last week - a friend recommended a bbc show called THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN. the name was familiar (and not just from that shizzy sean connery movie). so, we rented the first series from our local video shop (the film buff).

written by four friends who met at college, it is then performed by three (Mark Gatiss, Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith) who like Little Britain's Matt and David and a host of others they don clothes and makeup to perform the majority of the characters seen on the show. (side note: my favourite gentleman is reese....)

well - i've never seen anything like it. and, it was amazing.
the series takes a look at the locals of a little village in northern england called royston vassey (the sign for the village reads "you'll never leave").

with the most bizzare and ecentric characters this side of LITTLE BRITAIN, L.O.G. is quiet spectacular - with a unique dose of pathos and horror thrown in the midst of comedy.

fav characters of mine include...

tubbs & edward: married siblings (ick!) who run the "local shop" that sells only to "locals" - if you are not a local beware - they have been knows to kill visitors! they specialize in "precious things" known in the real world as "snowglobes"...and, edward has an odd way of making tubbs take off her clothes for the visitors they are about to torture...and, tubbs can only count to one number...TWELFTY!

pamela doove: the worst actress in royston vassey. she has a normal speaking voice - but, when asked to recite the line "Excuse me. Does anyone have a bottle of orange juice?" it inexplicably turns into THIS - shouted at the top of her lungs!

Scoosbeev is my new favourite salutation!

papa lazarou: a circus/freak show/gypsy leader...he goes from town to town (in black face!) putting on his show and stealing wives! all the while asking for Dave! one of the best voices i've ever heard...it will keep you up at night.

so, three series and a christmas special later - and, we've now seen all there is the to TV show The League Of Gentlemen....the only thing to look forward to now - is my brother finding a copy of the movie online somewhere.

until then....Scoosbeev!


.: website :. total league of gentlemen fansite

.: website :. league of gentlemen fansite

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UPDATE! found this pic...looks like the boys did a signing at HMV...oh to be on THAT side of the pond.

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