mcpheever dies on idol

sorry for the lateness of these posts. i've been getting over the longest and most disgusting sickness i've ever experienced. suffice to say that i will be happy when the situation no longer requires me to blow my flippin' nose. geesh!

anyhoo....on to the business at hand.
the american idol finale!
i was watching this 2 hour extravaganza while flipping back and forth to the LOST finale. but, the first hour was only a recap - so, i was all american idol for a while. which was useless - as they always are....with a parade of guest performers...and, this year (for the first time) seacrest-out was handing out some lame "idol" awards to people that auditioned and made fools of themselves. for instance - the kid that thought he was the next clay aiken....well - he got his award (for best impersonation, or something) and was asked to sing. he did - and, stated into "don't let the sun go down on me" - made famous (to american idol viewers) by none other than clay aiken.
the look on mr. crazy delusional's face when the real aiken stepped out onto the stage to sing was PRICELESS.

.: video :. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_i-QmUm1yQ

blah blah blah...yada yada yada....taylor named the season 5 champ...and, no one on the planet is surprised.

congrats taylor! i'm actually really interested to hear your first CD...hope it has more of your personality than that stoopid single they are making you sing.

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