may sweeps - may 10th report

OK - to begin - let's actually go back a day to Wednesday, b/c i must comment on AMERICAN IDOL.

McPhee was hideous on Tuesday night's Elvis show. She sucked more than my new vacuum. harharhar
I wasn't surprised when she and Chris landed in the bottom two (Elliott and Taylor were clearly better this week)...but, i thought rocker boy would be safe considering he wasn't THAT bad.

But, silly Americans must have so much McPheever that they are delerious...CHRIS WENT HOME!...??????

It might turn out to be the best thing for his career (now after the AI summer tour is done he can get started on a real career).

But, still....not cool.

Anyway - now on to Thursday:

SURVIVOR.....i was shocked when Terry actually lost those challenges. He hasn't consistently won the reward challenges...but, there's no question he's dominated this seasons imunity challenges (winning every one....until now).

Sure he was a sore loser - but, his chance of winning is on the line.

and, update: aras is still hot.

And, ps - burnett...thanks for leaving with a cliffhanger...jerkface.

next up - MY NAME IS EARL....it was ok - nothing more to say about that.

next...THE OFFICE (one of the shows i'm glad to say has surpassed all my expectations).

things that rocked about that episode:

  • jim convincing dwight that he has the ability to move things with his mind (thanks to pam and the coak rack and a hidden umbrella - shown in a wordless aside...nicely done!)
  • toby vs michael - they hate eachother so much it's awesome. there's nothing thinly veiled about it....it's totally on the books.
  • oscar hating the idea of donating to the boy scouts...hey oscar...i know they're not "suffering" - but, why are you hatin'?
  • kevin's band + headband + crappy visual effects
  • creed: the soup kitchen has good soup, theiving all over the place, never owned a fridge before...i missed a couple episodes...where did this guy come from? actually - i don't care...just keep him coming!
  • and, last but not least:

not only did jim confess his love for pam (something that NEVER happens on sitcoms until...say...season 8!) after he got rebuffed - HE WENT BACK AND KISSED HER!
my boyfriend was quite amused at how excited i was by that....

and, then WITHOUT A TRACE...it's Law & Order - but, with only missing people and the FBI.

hey jerry bruckheimer....thanks for ending with a cliffanger...jerkface no. 2!

for the record - i'm saying it's the white girl who died...would be too easy if it was the black boy.
just my 2 cents.

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