upcoming week of madness

and, so it begins.

sbf was off all week on vacation. lb left for a 2 week vacation on wednesday.
i was swamped! to put it mildly.

i'm glad the work week is done...but, now things are really going to get interesting.

tomorrow is jim & laura's wedding. b/c james is in the wedding party, we are going down early to help them set up for the reception. how early? i have no idea. after i do what i gotta do at home tonight...i'll have to haul my butt down to james' place so, i'm there when i need to be there (whenever that is!).

sunday - brunch with tim & christina....relaxed! thank you!

monday - very exciting...james and i are celebrating our first year together. august 1st 2004 we had our very first date! we went to the ROM - then for dinner (thai), then we went to see toots & the maytals in nathan phillips square - then we went for drinks. great first date. great first year. (*que sappy smile*)

tuesday - coldplay (but, at least i don't have to go to work!)

wednesday - the dreaded birthday!

thursday - mercifully nothing planned (going to keep it that way, too!)

friday - taste of the danforth. was fun last year...

saturday - going to a taping of a design game show...then meeting up with james for a birthday dinner with him

sunday - flying out to vancouver with sb. going to see the virgin store we're taking over. then going to see the white stripes!

monday - flying back to TO. getting in around 11pm or midnight

tuesday - work (half day, i think)

geez...i'm tired already.

is my shuffle finished recharging yet? i need to hear some soothing tunes.




virgin blogger

bon jour mes amis!

welcome to my blog.

just a little space for me to do my ranting, thinking, and rambling...

so, to start...let's say this.

my 30th b-day is coming up. a birthday i've been dreading since i hit 26.
but, the closer it looms in the distance (less than a week now) the easier it has become.

why? i realized i'm not really into my birthdays...it can come and go and i really wouldn't care.
just an excuse to get the people i care about in a room and eat some food.

it will be extra hard this year - because my mom won't be around...but, i'm trying not to think about it. we'll see how that goes.

thanks for listening.
will post more later.