funny enough....


isn't this thrilling????

my littlest brother just dropped me an email...and, so it read:

FROM: Martin
TO: "Wonderbug"
SUBJECT: you will have bad luck if you finish reading this entire sentence....why are you still reading?

Hey nerd, its amazing [your company] continues to function with all its big wigs either off or blogging all day (hiiiooo)

I was just taking a gander at your blurg (thats what I call blogs made my nerds...then again only a nerd would make a blog..ergo...they should all be called blurgs instead). I knew you to be quite the pop culture connoisseur (sic), but it seems you've gained enough experience points in the game of life to graduate to the level of uber-nerd.

Funny enough, as I was reading your blog I had just finished ripping the Pet Shop Boys Discography onto the ol' puter (even stranger was the fact I had the copy of the album in my hand as I was reading your verbal threat)

Thats all,


oh wee one....your insults do nothing to me...because you see....i am rubber (i think you know the rest).


new pet shop boys

i love the pet shop boys....writing these words has made me want to listen to discography. back in a second...

damn you martin! did you steal it and not give it back? i'm after you, kid!

anyway - the new pet shop boys album fundamental will be released in n. america on may 23!

if we are lucky canadians, the boys will grace us with their presence with a concert appearance!

when you have the chance, be sure to check out the video for the first single "i'm with stupid". it features david walliams and matt lucas of LITTLE BRITAIN fame ("...i'm a lady and i like to do lady things..."). the boys play actors auditioning (for something) and recreate famous psb video characters. excellent!

.:mp3:. pet shop boys - i'm with stupid
.:video:. pet shop boys - i'm with stupid

new futureheads

very exciting!

you ain't no picasso has a new futureheads mp3 (for a song on their forthcoming new CD)

Vagrant Records and Startime International will be releasing the Futurehead’s sophomore album, News And Tributes, on June 13th.
.:mp3:. the furtureheads - skip to the end

the kooks...ie, "my new fav song" alert

the band....the kooks
the album....
inside in / inside out
the song....

stream a new butch walker tune

Arjan Writes is streaming a new Butch Walker track.

If you don't know who Butch Walker is - if you listen to pop radio at all...you'll know his shit.

He's written for Avril, American Hi-Fi, La Lohan and Tommy Lee...great pop rock!

Saw him at the Mod Club a while ago and he was awesome. Hope he comes back around soon.

.: stream audio:.
Butch Walker "Bethamphetamine"

pete...oh you poor bastard

The SUN published some photos of PD injecting a (seemingly) unconscious girl.


But, I guess a Junkie is as a Junkie does.

That was just one reason to hate Pete....but, there are so many.

Like the fact that the Babyshambles CD is a piece of crizzap (when compared to the Dirty Pretty Things album).

Mr Ashcroft summed it up pretty well

"If there's any drug addled rock star out there listening, all you're going to be is a picture on a T-shirt in five years time on some poor kid who thinks you were cool....But all you'll be doing is rotting. There'll be worms eating you."

you tube. i tube. we all tube!

So, i'm addicted to You Tube.

Not only can you get to see commercials that don't air in North America but there are some very bored cats that have posted videos that i have either long forgotten - or have never seen.

and, so - with that in mind...may i present:

.:video:. Jack White's Coke Commercial
.:video:. Take That's Video for "Do What You Like"

the cribs

if you've heard the new telus commercial with the parrot...then you've heard the new cribs single 'martel'...and, if you haven't heard it...you should...it's awesome.

just waiting to see if this will have the same impact that the ipod commercial had on jet (where's their new album btw???)

.:mp3:. the cribs - martell