new pet shop boys

i love the pet shop boys....writing these words has made me want to listen to discography. back in a second...

damn you martin! did you steal it and not give it back? i'm after you, kid!

anyway - the new pet shop boys album fundamental will be released in n. america on may 23!

if we are lucky canadians, the boys will grace us with their presence with a concert appearance!

when you have the chance, be sure to check out the video for the first single "i'm with stupid". it features david walliams and matt lucas of LITTLE BRITAIN fame ("...i'm a lady and i like to do lady things..."). the boys play actors auditioning (for something) and recreate famous psb video characters. excellent!

.:mp3:. pet shop boys - i'm with stupid
.:video:. pet shop boys - i'm with stupid

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