funny enough....


isn't this thrilling????

my littlest brother just dropped me an email...and, so it read:

FROM: Martin
TO: "Wonderbug"
SUBJECT: you will have bad luck if you finish reading this entire sentence....why are you still reading?

Hey nerd, its amazing [your company] continues to function with all its big wigs either off or blogging all day (hiiiooo)

I was just taking a gander at your blurg (thats what I call blogs made my nerds...then again only a nerd would make a blog..ergo...they should all be called blurgs instead). I knew you to be quite the pop culture connoisseur (sic), but it seems you've gained enough experience points in the game of life to graduate to the level of uber-nerd.

Funny enough, as I was reading your blog I had just finished ripping the Pet Shop Boys Discography onto the ol' puter (even stranger was the fact I had the copy of the album in my hand as I was reading your verbal threat)

Thats all,


oh wee one....your insults do nothing to me...because you see....i am rubber (i think you know the rest).

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