random things that made me laugh this week

1. Things My Boyfriend Says blog
my brother blogged (or as my other brother says "blurgged" b/c only nerds blog, ergo "blurg")recently about some stoopid shit betwixt he and his ex-luvah and linked to this site: www.thingsmyboyfriendsays.com
gawd damn....this was awesome.
this one made me laugh out loud at work:
Population: You.
While E was playing Civilization 4 I decided to go to the store. He asked if I would bring him back something, I said no, and he said:
"And I was just going to name this city I conquered after you. I guess I'll have to call it Bitchburg."
i think i feel your pain, lady...i think i feel your pain....
but, my boy says some really funny stuff too...sometimes he even types them out....
2. I saw into the future....

20 years from now, when i am grown, i will have 4 children. 3 boys and one little girl.
and, they will form the most awesome rock back in history.
lucky for me - the future is broadcast on YouTube....

you are welcome. i know you are thanking me for bringing that awesomeness into you life.
side note: my boss said the little girl looked like the kid in "the grudge"...then i punched her in the mouth and told her not to talk about my future daughter like that.

:: linky :: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_4aGXTHo7w

konichiwa, bitches.


brit award nominees - wonderbug picks

the nominations were announced today.
so, i'll take this opportunity to throw down the gauntlet and state my picks.
good news for those who choose to pick it up - i'm usually wrong.
but, at least i keep trying.

British Male Solo Artist
· James Morrison
· Jarvis Cocker
· Lemar
· Paolo Nutini
· Thom Yorke
::wonderbug pick to win:: thom yorke >> not because i like him, but because everyone and their brother pees their pants over his insufferable whining.

British Female Solo Artist
· Amy Winehouse
· Corinne Bailey Rae
· Jamelia
· Lily Allen
· Nerina Pallot
::wonderbug pick to win:: lily allen >> it would be cool if amy winehouse won (i highly recommend her new cd, back to black)....but, this was lily's year.

British Group
· Arctic Monkeys
· Kasabian
· Muse
· Razorlight
· Snow Patrol
::wonderbug pick to win:: snow patrol >> i really enjoyed the new razorlight (much more than the first cd) and my love of the monkey's is widely known...but, overall i need to give props to snow patrol. ONE. FINE. CD!

MasterCard British Album
· Amy Winehouse Back to Black
· Arctic Monkeys Whatever people say I am, that’s what I’m not
· Lily Allen Alright, Still
· Muse Black Holes & Revelations
· Snow Patrol Eyes Open
::wonderbug pick to win:: snow patrol >> see above

British Single
(Winner chosen by UK Commercial Radio listeners)
· Corinne Bailey Rae "Put your records on"
· The Feeling "Fill my little world"
· James Morrison "You give me something"
· Kooks "She moves in her own way"
· Leona Lewis "A moment like this"
· Lily Allen "Smile"
· Razorlight "America"
· Sandi Thom "I wish I was a punk rocker"
· Snow Patrol "Chasing cars"
· Take That "Patience"
· Will Young "All time love"
::wonderbug pick to win:: leona lewis >> wow...so many good songs to choose from (much better than the grammy noms in my opinion), but i pick the X-Factor Winner Leona Lewis as the winner (even if her first single was a Kelly Clarkson single 4 years ago....)

British Breakthrough Act
(Winner chosen by Radio 1 listeners)
· Corinne Bailey Rae
· Fratellis
· James Morrison
· Kooks
· Lily Allen
::wonderbug pick to win:: lily allen >> the fratellis album is SO good...and, the kooks are friggin wicked (one of my fav albums of 2006!) but, i'm still giving this one to lily. i think the night belongs to her and snow patrol....and oasis.

British Live Act
(Nominees chosen by a panel of experts in association with The Live Music Forum. Winner chosen by Radio 2 listeners)
· George Michael
· Guillemots
· Kasabian
· Muse
· Robbie Williams
::wonderbug pick to win:: robbie williams >> there are no other choices. he's got this one locked.

Outstanding Contribution to music
· Oasis
::wonderbug comment:: weeping from happiness.....

i'm not going to bother with the international categories...but, i have guesses for those, too.

we'll find out in early feb how wrong i am.

side note: a few of us at work have some bets on all the awards happening this season (SAG, Grammys, Golden Globes)....for the record, the 2 winners had 8 correct predictions for last night's Golden Globes...while i had 7....SO CLOSE!

:: website :: 2007 brit awards


snow daze

so, today was the first real 'snow day' in toronto.

i awoke to the sound of sleet banging down against my window.

it had just gotten cozy, too.

the boy had just come to bed and had wiggled my way into his nooks & crannies (creating multiple points of snuggly contact).

i didn't want to get up. it was so nice and warm under the covers.

but, i had to get up and get my lazy bones off to work.

i shouldn't have bothered.

there are 6 people in my dept.

2 of them had scheduled days off today.
2 got snowed in (my boss included).

i got to the office around 9.15 and annie showed up around 11am.

what a waste of time....there were a bunch of people at other companies that didn't show up for work today either.

so, it ended up being one of those annyoingly boring days where even if there was work to do - you couldn't really do it because no one else was around.

the good thing was that our plans got canceled for tonight.
the bad news is that they got rescheduled for thursday! yes - right during my name is earl and the office....thank geebus for PVR!

these are the thoughts i will leave you with...

in the past few days/weeks i have done the following things way too much:

- eat chocolate
- listen to butch walker CDs
- watch STELLA on DVD

and, only one of those things will probably change anytime soon...



things i'm looking forward to in 2007, pt 1

sxsw :: march 14-18, 2007 :: austin, tx

that's right, ladies and gentlemen.
i'm going this year.
sometimes i really love my job!

the full offical list of artists has not been announced, but there have been some tasty treats leaked in the last couple weeks.

most notable (and, exciting for moi) include:
- morrissey
- bloc party
- iggy & the stooges (unclear if mike watt will be playing with them)
- lily allen
- sloan (i know, i know...i could see them anytime i want in t.o...but, i'll still see them in TX if i can..have to support my boys!)
- girl talk
- rjd2
- interpol
- badly drawn boy
- youth group
- the watson twins (sans jenny lewis)
- stax records, 50th anniversary soul revue

the line-ups and dates/venues/times are still to be announced...so, we'll see what i actually get to go to and what will conflict.don't fret - i'll bring my camera (i'm sure that is VERY un-cool at sxsw..but, i'll geek-out for a good cause)
:: web :: sxsw.com