things i'm looking forward to in 2007, pt 1

sxsw :: march 14-18, 2007 :: austin, tx

that's right, ladies and gentlemen.
i'm going this year.
sometimes i really love my job!

the full offical list of artists has not been announced, but there have been some tasty treats leaked in the last couple weeks.

most notable (and, exciting for moi) include:
- morrissey
- bloc party
- iggy & the stooges (unclear if mike watt will be playing with them)
- lily allen
- sloan (i know, i know...i could see them anytime i want in t.o...but, i'll still see them in TX if i can..have to support my boys!)
- girl talk
- rjd2
- interpol
- badly drawn boy
- youth group
- the watson twins (sans jenny lewis)
- stax records, 50th anniversary soul revue

the line-ups and dates/venues/times are still to be announced...so, we'll see what i actually get to go to and what will conflict.don't fret - i'll bring my camera (i'm sure that is VERY un-cool at sxsw..but, i'll geek-out for a good cause)
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Green Fish said...

You frickin' rock. I have filled my trousers with brown smelly envy.

Moxy Ness said...

I hate you.
Actually I think your the coolest girl I know in T.O. fo'Real. Lily Allen is my new CD girlfriend, she's wicked!
Yeah, green fish, could please throw those trews away....PONG!!!!!

wonderbug said...

i say next year the 4 of us take a road trip! sxsw 08!
james won't have any fun...but, the 3 of us will be in new music heaven!