snow daze

so, today was the first real 'snow day' in toronto.

i awoke to the sound of sleet banging down against my window.

it had just gotten cozy, too.

the boy had just come to bed and had wiggled my way into his nooks & crannies (creating multiple points of snuggly contact).

i didn't want to get up. it was so nice and warm under the covers.

but, i had to get up and get my lazy bones off to work.

i shouldn't have bothered.

there are 6 people in my dept.

2 of them had scheduled days off today.
2 got snowed in (my boss included).

i got to the office around 9.15 and annie showed up around 11am.

what a waste of time....there were a bunch of people at other companies that didn't show up for work today either.

so, it ended up being one of those annyoingly boring days where even if there was work to do - you couldn't really do it because no one else was around.

the good thing was that our plans got canceled for tonight.
the bad news is that they got rescheduled for thursday! yes - right during my name is earl and the office....thank geebus for PVR!

these are the thoughts i will leave you with...

in the past few days/weeks i have done the following things way too much:

- eat chocolate
- listen to butch walker CDs
- watch STELLA on DVD

and, only one of those things will probably change anytime soon...



Moxy Ness said...

ooh good blog. It made me excited for tomorrow morning to be all cozy! I was SO excited for the snow!
Really though, NOT showing up for work because of that?!?! I'd like to see one of those lazy arses spend ONE winter month in PEI. You wouldn't believe the goddamn weather I had to go to school in! And I remember the day when you could buy a bag of crisps and a soda pop for a nickel.... Anyhoo...
as I said, good blog!
weird WV: uranzyk

Krankie MacHightrousers said...

That was you snuggling next to me? I had a dream where it was Danny Devito. Hmm.

Green Fish said...

Don't ya'll be gettin' all cozy. The rapture is nigh.

wonderbug said...

krankie - i find it troubling that you are dreaming about danny devito while i am snuggled up next to you...