but, i really want to hate it

i hate fergie from the black eyed peas.
she was rad on kids inc...but, that was a long long time ago.
i could even stand her in wild orchid (the stoopid female pop group - not the mickey rourke movie)....but, then she started having plastic surgery and dressing like a HOOOORE!

and, now i hear that she's coming out with a solo album.

i really wanted to hate it....

but, damn...it's catchy.

curse her!

.: mp3 :. fergie - london bridge

virgin festival

we've been giddy to discuss this for ages...finally we can.

the list is up: http://www.virginfestival.ca/vfest_bands.html

will discuss later tonight.

suffice to say "YAY MASSIVE ATTACK"!


awesome...they fuggin shot that!

the beastie boys first live dvd "awesome...i fuckin' shot that" is almost ready to see it's release.

july 25th to be exact, children.

mark it in thy calendars.

.: website :. awesome, i shot that
.: website :. you tube trailer


i'll be with stupid

i am a very happy girl.
pet shop boys will be bringing their new tour to n. america in the fall to promote their new cd "fundamentals".
  • Tue Oct 10 - Montreal, Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier
  • Wed Oct 11 - Toronto, Hummingbird Centre


confessions in a stadium

my camera was carefully hidden inside my wallet last night.
and, for good reason.

i was in montreal to see madonna at the bell centre.

my seats were amazing.
i was on the floor....in the aisle....RIGHT BESIDE THE CATWALK.

the opportunity to reach out and touch madge was presented to me...but, i happened to be fiddling with my camera at that exact moment...and, it passed quickly.

but, i do have lasting memories...and, some pictures.

.: website :. wonderbug's flickr photos


ALSO! in the next few days...look for TASH'S & SBF'S GREAT MADONNA ADVENTURE *VIDEO*!!


the bug.

* Future Lovers
* I Feel Love
* Get Together
* Like A Virgin
* Jump
* Live To Tell
* Forbidden Love
* Isaac
* Sorry
* Like It Or Not
* I Love New York
* Ray Of Light
* Let It Will Be
* Drowned World/Substitute For Love
* Paradise (Not For Me)
* Disco Inferno/Music
* La Isla Bonita
* Erotica
* Lucky Star
* Hung Up


and, you can dance....for inspiration

countdown begins.....wednesday night i will witness....thursday night i will share the experience.
montreal - here i come.


snow patrol reschedule n. american dates

as promised, gary and his snow patrol buddies have rescheduled all their cancelled north american tour dates.

they will come back around september 13th to the kool haus.

lovin eyes open...so, will not miss this show.


new beyonce - not so crazy in love anymore

hmmm...so, soul-sides posted the first single from beyonce's new album (b day - released on september 5th....one day after her...um...b-day...so clever! blah).

the track is called deja vu and it's another collaboration with boyfriend jay z.

it's got the same "old time" feel that christina put on her new track - but, less successfully, imho.
but, i do like the jay z part (i always like his parts, though...)

take a listen and let me know what YOU think.


oh, happy day! kooks cd gets n. american release

good news, boys and girls!
my fav new brighton boys are bringing their poppy blend of rock this side of the pond.

the kooks' debut release "inside in inside out" is getting a north american release via emi music canada.

july 25th is the joyous day!

and, you know what this means? when the album is released...the band playing a gig in toronto is never far behind (the shore...i'm looking in YOUR direction...let's make it happen with album number 2, huh?)

.: previous blog entry :. the kooks...ie, "my new fav song" alert



not as bad as i thought it was going to be

I am 38% Asshole/Bitch.

Part Time Asshole/Bitch.

I may think I am an asshole or a bitch, but the truth is I am a good person at heart. Yeah sure, I can have a mean streak in me, but most of the people I meet like me.

nelly furtado - on the loose

so, nelly's new cd "loose" is available this coming tuesday (june 20th).
and, based on the first single - the pumpin' "promiscuous" [feat. timbaland] - i really expected to be hooked on this album from the first listen.

today - the cd entered the office. so, i immediately asked my boss to borrow hers (didn't want to wait for mine to make it's way from across the building from the product dept).

popped it into the ol puter and let it go.


that's the best way i can describe it.

not all of it is as hip-hop as the first single, as i hoped it would be. especially considering tim produced the ENTIRE ALBUM!
"I grew up listening to hip-hop and R&B but when it came to my own music, I kind of put that on a shelf. With this record, though, I knew I wanted to have that sound." - nelly furtado
but, i did give it only one listen....more chances is definitely in order...to be fair.

i'll give it another shot tomorrow.

if you want to give it a listen for yourself (no - i'm not posting it...sorry)...umusic.ca has included a link to stream the album in it's entirety.

.: stream :. nelly furtado - loose (you need real audio)

you can also stream the new keane album "under the iron sea" if you have the interest....

.: stream :. keane - under the iron sea (you need real audio)

ps - don't you love the booty nelly's got going on in the photo posted above? it looks like it's someone else's ass pasted on her body!



lily allen “alright, still” :: track by track

a little birdie sent me the album. and, now I present my track by track analysis of one of the most eagerly anticipated albums of the year.

.: smile :.
allen opens her album with the breezy smile (a track aimed at a loser ex – one she enjoys tormenting). the light airy sound belie the bitterness of the lyrics.

“…but, you were fucking that girl next door…whatchu do that for?”
.: knock ‘em out :.
this was the first lily allen track I heard. at the time she reminded me of a female mike skinner. easy, everyday delivery of lyrics that could be heard round any pub. a killer beat behind makes this a head bobber.

“no you can’t have my number – because I lost my phone.”
.: ldn :.
great old-time ska trumpet sample opens this track. another example of lily at her most easy natural best. half sung – half rapped ode to her hometown (London for the uninitiated).

“sun is in the sky. oh why – oh why would I want to be anywhere else?

.: everything’s just wonderful :.
things are going wrong all around her – but, she’s alright. having the time of her life, in fact! poppy tambourine and keyboard fill out the back of this tune.

“everything’s just wonderful. I’m having the time of my life.”
.: not big :.
every guy’s worst nightmare….breaking up with a girl. that girl getting famous…putting out a highly anticipated album…and, hearing a song where she’s telling everyone not only do you have a tiny dick – but, you were crap in bed, to boot. snap!

“i never wanted it to end up this way. but, you’ve only got yourself to blame…you’re not, you’re not clever. not big whatsoever!”
.: friday night :.
so you think the venom is saved for ex-boyfriend’s only? hardly. allen’s got words for stoopid females, too. this one tells the tale of some stoopid ho who gets all “female” on lily one Friday night in the club (getting the bouncer to search her and making her night a big hassle from beginning to end).

“test me and you’ll get a reaction. another drink and I’m ready for action. I don’t know who you think you are. but, making people scared won’t get you very far."
.: shame for you :.
with a smokey, bar-room flavour “shame for you” evokes thoughts of a 40s lounge singer. a cautionary tale…allen’s telling her adversary “don’t take me on” least she bring the pain! watch out!

“don’t try to deny because my fuse is ready to blow.”
.: littlest things :.
with a classical piano sample, this is the countless influence that has shown up on alright, still. another one about her and her boy – this time a longing, whistful remembrance of times past. easy to identify with these lyrics – allen’s just riffing on the simple things couples enjoy – no matter how “lame” they seem. but, after all is said and done – is this the end of our once happy couple? say it ain’t so!

“sometimes I wish we could just pretend – even if ony for one weekend.”
.: take what you take :.
heck yeah! bout time lily turns it out! complete with laser sample – this is THE dance track – just waiting for some producer to lay their talented remix hands on it. that laser sound reminds me of the beastie boys! and there ain’t nothing wrong with that!

“what the fuck do you know? just cuz you’re old and think you’re wise…”
.: friend of mine :.
a steady reggae beat keeps the time to this one. reminiscing of a friendship gone wrong. what happened? why is there so much sadness and loss in your music, lily? I love you best when you’re biting and witty – but, with that air of humour that makes you so cute. so cute – no one can hate for you cutting them down! more of that please!

“you’re no friend of mine. you’re just a waste of time.”
.: alfie :.
as a big sister, I sympathize with lily. and I know exactly what she’s doing. let me explain something about big sisters. we love our little brothers – and, always try to help them. but, we enjoy pissing them off – as much as they love pissing us off. so, calling out your little brother for drinking and wasting his life in the final track of your album – brilliant! well played, lily!

"oh little brother, please refrain from doing that – i’m trying to help you out. so can you stop being a twat. it’s time you and I sat down and had a little chat. and look me in the eyes and take off that stupid footie cap."

and, there you have it. the first album by miss lily allen.
a hit in my books - let's hope that blogger hype can translated into sales and make this girl the star she deserves to be.

mark it in your calendars, kiddies. alright, still lands in UK record stores july 11. [note] looking at a fall release in n. america, probably.....


previous lily allen posts:


lily allen makes me smile

giving shit to a loser ex-boyfriend who continues to be a thorn in your side?
sign me up!

this video is pretty awesome.
not only does she look really cute (i think i might have a girl crush on her), but she's totally bad-ass by paying friends to beat up loser ex, and then trash his home and scratch his vinyl!
then she goes and slips some laxatives in his coffee...and, then when he gets home and has to go pooh...there's stuff in his toilet!

can't wait for when the album is released!

.: video :. smile
.: video :. ldn (oldie but a goodie)


wanky and whiney as usual

ok - all is right with the world once again.
i maintain that thom yorke and his radiohead cronies have been wanky and whiney since the release of OK COMPUTER.
i loved THE BENDS. loved. loved. LOVED.

then thom stopped singing. he seemed more concerned with knob twiddling than with carrying a tune.
i blame all self-obsessed musicians on radiohead's whiny ways. dashboard confessional? i'm looking in your direction.

but, their fans seem to eat it up.

they'll pay anything for these guys.

the internet is nearly clogged with people passing around the tracks to the new thom yorke solo disc THE ERASER (released via xl recordings on july 11). so, who am i to say no?

so, i did the unthinkable - i took a listen.

and, i'm glad to report that he's whining like nobody's business...the songs are all ethereal and computer-y.
i hate it.

radiohead snobs will love it.

the streets will be soaked in their urine.


it's getting cold here in hell

sorry...i don't know what's going on.
it's just that one day the world is as it has always has been and things make sense...then BOOM!
everything is different...

day is night - night is day
right is wrong - wrong is right
yes is no - and no is yes
and, you like a christina aguilera song. i'm scared.

i know - it's hard to believe - but, it's true. i think the world is officially coming to an end.

the track is from her new album, tentatively called, BACK TO BASICS. and will probably been hitting the streets summer/fall time.

produced by preemo (thanks al!...aka dj premiere) and features the jazzy throw-back sound everyone's been talking about - but, is completely contemporary and just plain HAWT!

i've had this song on repeat for an hour now - and, i'm feeling a little faint.
excuse me while i go grab a cookie.


.: mp3 :. christina aguilera - ain't no other man

"you got soul, you got class, you got style - you're bad ass...ain't no other man but you!"