the geek in the pink

so, last night...after MUCH anticipation Jason Mraz rolled into Toronto for a show at the Kool Haus.

Unfortunately for me there were a couple hurdles to my enjoyment of the show:
1. I was alone...no one could/wanted to come with me.
2. Jason didn't get on stage until 9.30 and i was TIRED!
3. (and most importantly) i was sick.

I think I caught something at conference last week - but, coming back to work this week - EVERYONE was ill.

Tuesday my sickness came back full force.

I couldn't last through the entire performance. I was so tired i was sitting on the floor in the corner. I wasn't watching the show (couldn't see him from where i was on the floor) - so, at 10.45 i decided to go home.

this morning - called in sick.

BUT, i did get to meet mr a-z again..and, this time i got to take a much better picture than the one i had before.
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND, i got to hear Sleeping To Dream live...truly awesome.

.:mp3:. jason mraz - sleeping to dream
.:mp3:. jason mraz - you and i both
NOTE: both songs are the live versions from "tonight, not again")