my first ever podcast!

songs for the lovers

selected by wonderbug

the best tunes of 2006 [part one]

1. The Pipettes :: Pull Shapes
2. Arctic Monkeys :: I Bet That You Look Good On The Dancefloor
3. Butch Walker :: Bethamphetamine
4. The Cribs :: Martell Miniatures
5. Dirty Pretty Things :: You Fucking Love It
6. Phoenix :: Long Distance Call
7. Raconteurs :: Steady As She Goes
8. Razorlight :: In The Morning
9. Ryan Star :: Back Of Your Car
10. Hot Chip :: The Warning

Enjoy! --


oooooooh...it's magic

ok - enough dilly-dallying.
let's talk about music.

the magic numbers are a interesting bunch.
two sets of siblings (side topic for conversation: what would a band comprised of al, martin and i sound like?) from the UK.

they look like metal greasers..but, have a sound that would make one such as myself say that they are the new MAMAS & THE PAPAS. yes, you heard that correctly.

their first album (self-titled) was filled with sweet airy harmonies, and some really tight pop songs.

they are set to release their follow-up, those the brokes, this fall and this little wonderbug is waiting eagerly.

the first tasty treat is the first single "take a chance" and based on how much i enjoyed the last album - i can tell you that this tune did not disappoint.

:: mp3 :: the magic numbers - take a chance
:: site :: www.myspace.com/themagicnumbers
:: site :: themagicnumbers.net


i'm not dead

despite reports to the contrary...i am still alive...barely - but, i'm still here.
i haven't been spending as much time blogging as usual...(was my last post really about Ryan Star winning Rockstar?)...it's that special time of year...CHRISTMAS!

Christmas is the time of year when co-workers get sick...so, instead of just doing your work...you're covering someone else.

Christmas is the time of year when there more than the "regular" amount of work (which is sometimes hard to manage under normal circumstances) and less time to do it.

Christmas is the time of year when everyone needs everything to be perfect and not only on time..but, preferably early.

Christmas is the time of year when you get home from work long after the sun has set and you only have the energy to heat a bowl of soup for dinner - even though you skipped lunch because you were tied to your desk and lost track of time.

Christmas happens every year. and even though you think you know everything that could possible trip you up (because you're learning from last year's mistakes) there is always a host of brand new problems, emergencies and crises to deal with.


But, on to better things.
Ryan Star's going to do an in-store for us. acoustic performance AND autograph session.
Boobaloo's going to be a very convincing Borat for Hallowe'en (i shall be his village peasant woman during whatever we decide to do on saturday).

And, we just got back from a few days in Montreal (see fruity drink photo above).
Wish there were more days off...*sigh*

I miss my brother...well - truth be told...I miss all of them.
Holidays are coming up and what Meat Loaf said is true "two outta three ain't bad".

signing off.