this is a local shop. we'll have no trouble here.

as alluded to in the post below - i've been rather sick lately. and, to help me pass the time my boy has been letting me watch all the tv i want (while he is regulated to the computer room to play spider solitaire or video games). jeebus bless him.

but, last week - a friend recommended a bbc show called THE LEAGUE OF GENTLEMEN. the name was familiar (and not just from that shizzy sean connery movie). so, we rented the first series from our local video shop (the film buff).

written by four friends who met at college, it is then performed by three (Mark Gatiss, Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith) who like Little Britain's Matt and David and a host of others they don clothes and makeup to perform the majority of the characters seen on the show. (side note: my favourite gentleman is reese....)

well - i've never seen anything like it. and, it was amazing.
the series takes a look at the locals of a little village in northern england called royston vassey (the sign for the village reads "you'll never leave").

with the most bizzare and ecentric characters this side of LITTLE BRITAIN, L.O.G. is quiet spectacular - with a unique dose of pathos and horror thrown in the midst of comedy.

fav characters of mine include...

tubbs & edward: married siblings (ick!) who run the "local shop" that sells only to "locals" - if you are not a local beware - they have been knows to kill visitors! they specialize in "precious things" known in the real world as "snowglobes"...and, edward has an odd way of making tubbs take off her clothes for the visitors they are about to torture...and, tubbs can only count to one number...TWELFTY!

pamela doove: the worst actress in royston vassey. she has a normal speaking voice - but, when asked to recite the line "Excuse me. Does anyone have a bottle of orange juice?" it inexplicably turns into THIS - shouted at the top of her lungs!

Scoosbeev is my new favourite salutation!

papa lazarou: a circus/freak show/gypsy leader...he goes from town to town (in black face!) putting on his show and stealing wives! all the while asking for Dave! one of the best voices i've ever heard...it will keep you up at night.

so, three series and a christmas special later - and, we've now seen all there is the to TV show The League Of Gentlemen....the only thing to look forward to now - is my brother finding a copy of the movie online somewhere.

until then....Scoosbeev!


.: website :. total league of gentlemen fansite

.: website :. league of gentlemen fansite

.: website :. bbc - comedy guide

UPDATE! found this pic...looks like the boys did a signing at HMV...oh to be on THAT side of the pond.

mcpheever dies on idol

sorry for the lateness of these posts. i've been getting over the longest and most disgusting sickness i've ever experienced. suffice to say that i will be happy when the situation no longer requires me to blow my flippin' nose. geesh!

anyhoo....on to the business at hand.
the american idol finale!
i was watching this 2 hour extravaganza while flipping back and forth to the LOST finale. but, the first hour was only a recap - so, i was all american idol for a while. which was useless - as they always are....with a parade of guest performers...and, this year (for the first time) seacrest-out was handing out some lame "idol" awards to people that auditioned and made fools of themselves. for instance - the kid that thought he was the next clay aiken....well - he got his award (for best impersonation, or something) and was asked to sing. he did - and, stated into "don't let the sun go down on me" - made famous (to american idol viewers) by none other than clay aiken.
the look on mr. crazy delusional's face when the real aiken stepped out onto the stage to sing was PRICELESS.

.: video :. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_i-QmUm1yQ

blah blah blah...yada yada yada....taylor named the season 5 champ...and, no one on the planet is surprised.

congrats taylor! i'm actually really interested to hear your first CD...hope it has more of your personality than that stoopid single they are making you sing.


special message for a special friend

thinking of you.
i am so intensely sorry for what you're going through.

i've been there...unfortunately (or am there...don't know).

you'll be messed up for a long time (sometimes i think it might be forever before i get back to "normal"...whatever that is)....but, know that people love you and want to do whatever they can to help (including me).

call/email whenever you need anything.
i am here.

just remember that mom's are love - and, love never dies.

wonderbug come lately

ok...i admit it...people told me that i should be watching lost but, i just couldn't comit to ANOTHER show.
so, i missed last season...but, THIS year...i happened to be at home and i caught a recap episode that gave me the storyline in a nutshell....
but, now...it's all different.
i've been watching the last couple weeks religiously - and, i've been sucked into the online game (http://www.thelostexperience.com/). i've been checking the http://www.thehansofoundation.org/ everyday for new clues to pop up from persephone. i love it that there are compu-nerds who are hacking the source code of the sites searching for passwords and hidden files. my boyfriend is a little scared by the scary noises coming from my computer when i'm sitting watching these clips play out with my nose almost touching the screen.

next week's finale promises to answer some questions (while no doubt, asking even more!)
insiders say there will be closure to the walt/michael storyline...we'll find out what happens when you don't input the numbers on time in the hatch...and, we'll learn what "the others" are really doing on the island (why is miss clue asking weird questions? why do they want michael to bring jack, hurley, kate and sawyer back to their camp? what are they going to do with them? how is sayid going to foil this plot?)

i feel like a loser for missing last year. i see a trip to HMV in my future to pick up Season 1. it will be my way to pass the time during summer rerun season.

i know there are loads of details i have missed and i need to go back and catch up.
and, i promise that i'll be on par with everyone else by the time Season 3 premieres in September.

elliot yamin hits the road

american idol
in a move that shocked no one (even though i was rooting for him) elliot yamin...the man that reminds me of jon b (cool relaxed, white boy with soul) was booted from idol.
....final two are kat and taylor.
and, i'm going to go out on a limb and congratulate taylor hicks for winning!


idol drama continues - conspiracy?

daughtry fans are calling out - saying when they dialed the first number (each idol has 2 dedicated telephone lines) they were greeted by mcpheever's voice thanking them for voting for HER!

there is an online petition that is asking FOX for a recount (why? in hopes of bringing him back? ain't gonna happen...it's dunzo!)

oh! i love it.


may sweeps - may 10th report

OK - to begin - let's actually go back a day to Wednesday, b/c i must comment on AMERICAN IDOL.

McPhee was hideous on Tuesday night's Elvis show. She sucked more than my new vacuum. harharhar
I wasn't surprised when she and Chris landed in the bottom two (Elliott and Taylor were clearly better this week)...but, i thought rocker boy would be safe considering he wasn't THAT bad.

But, silly Americans must have so much McPheever that they are delerious...CHRIS WENT HOME!...??????

It might turn out to be the best thing for his career (now after the AI summer tour is done he can get started on a real career).

But, still....not cool.

Anyway - now on to Thursday:

SURVIVOR.....i was shocked when Terry actually lost those challenges. He hasn't consistently won the reward challenges...but, there's no question he's dominated this seasons imunity challenges (winning every one....until now).

Sure he was a sore loser - but, his chance of winning is on the line.

and, update: aras is still hot.

And, ps - burnett...thanks for leaving with a cliffhanger...jerkface.

next up - MY NAME IS EARL....it was ok - nothing more to say about that.

next...THE OFFICE (one of the shows i'm glad to say has surpassed all my expectations).

things that rocked about that episode:

  • jim convincing dwight that he has the ability to move things with his mind (thanks to pam and the coak rack and a hidden umbrella - shown in a wordless aside...nicely done!)
  • toby vs michael - they hate eachother so much it's awesome. there's nothing thinly veiled about it....it's totally on the books.
  • oscar hating the idea of donating to the boy scouts...hey oscar...i know they're not "suffering" - but, why are you hatin'?
  • kevin's band + headband + crappy visual effects
  • creed: the soup kitchen has good soup, theiving all over the place, never owned a fridge before...i missed a couple episodes...where did this guy come from? actually - i don't care...just keep him coming!
  • and, last but not least:

not only did jim confess his love for pam (something that NEVER happens on sitcoms until...say...season 8!) after he got rebuffed - HE WENT BACK AND KISSED HER!
my boyfriend was quite amused at how excited i was by that....

and, then WITHOUT A TRACE...it's Law & Order - but, with only missing people and the FBI.

hey jerry bruckheimer....thanks for ending with a cliffanger...jerkface no. 2!

for the record - i'm saying it's the white girl who died...would be too easy if it was the black boy.
just my 2 cents.


wonderbug <3 tom cruise

I don't know what you all are talking about. Tom Cruise is awesome.
He's one of Hollywood's most noted actors and he's made a gajillion multi-million dollar box-office smashes!

He's so down to earth - and, you really get the feeling like you KNOW him.
That you could just sit down and have a coffee with him and shoot the shit.
Because he's just so REAL.

He's got it all figured out, man.
We could all learn a thing or two from this man, actor, father, husband...no...HERO!

....like how to dance.

Watch and learn, plebs.
This is how it's done in the 'hood!

Peace out!
(and, thanks to The Superficial for the best laugh I've had a work in a while - and, I laugh a LOT at work.)


bitchy tuesday question....

if you're supposed to be a "fashion icon" why must you find the most FUGLY things to wear in public?

i really don't care if john galiano designed it...he's shit.
if you don't believe me - please examine anything worn by gwen stefani.

i rest my case, your honour!


lily allen - the new m.i.a.?

that was the question posed by stereogum when they were passed the mp3 for "knock 'em out". but, after a listen they thought (like me) that she's "the female mike skinner".
and, this from the london observer on her single LDN:

Last month OMM featured Lily Allen, describing the 20-yearold north Londoner as our favourite discovery thus far on MySpace - and now Parlophone is rushing out her first single. 'LDN', is a brilliant ska-pop trump card that skanks along with the slo-mo groove of Althea and Donna's 'Uptown Top Ranking' and binds it to a calypso hook with gorgeous consequences.

Allen's cocky yarn neatly chronicles the charade of normality that hangs over London's streets; her gossamer warble incongruously riffing on the slappers, crack whores, pimps and granny muggers lurking on every corner.

It should be a summer smash.

check 'em out, ya.
and, thanks for the tip stereogum!

.:mp3:. lily allen - knock 'em out
.:mp3:. lily allen - ldn
.:website:. www.myspace.com/lilymusic


.:mp3:. lily allen - smile
.:mp3:. lily allen - the first mixtape