lily allen - the new m.i.a.?

that was the question posed by stereogum when they were passed the mp3 for "knock 'em out". but, after a listen they thought (like me) that she's "the female mike skinner".
and, this from the london observer on her single LDN:

Last month OMM featured Lily Allen, describing the 20-yearold north Londoner as our favourite discovery thus far on MySpace - and now Parlophone is rushing out her first single. 'LDN', is a brilliant ska-pop trump card that skanks along with the slo-mo groove of Althea and Donna's 'Uptown Top Ranking' and binds it to a calypso hook with gorgeous consequences.

Allen's cocky yarn neatly chronicles the charade of normality that hangs over London's streets; her gossamer warble incongruously riffing on the slappers, crack whores, pimps and granny muggers lurking on every corner.

It should be a summer smash.

check 'em out, ya.
and, thanks for the tip stereogum!

.:mp3:. lily allen - knock 'em out
.:mp3:. lily allen - ldn
.:website:. www.myspace.com/lilymusic


.:mp3:. lily allen - smile
.:mp3:. lily allen - the first mixtape

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Erkin said...

I'm addicted to Lily Allen music. I love her music, my favourite song is Little Things! :) Have you ever listened to that song? It's great, isn't it?