ryanstar = rockstar?

when rockstar: supernova started...i was all over the lukas train. he's a toronto boy...i had to show my support, and his first performace (rebel yell) proved he was a contender from the very begining.
i have to be honest. i didn't like ryan star at the begining. he bored me. i barely paid attention to his performances...doing songs by the rolling stones and ccr is enough to make me change the channel until someone more interesting takes the stage.
he's the one the infamous tommy lee quote "show me some boat, bitch" was aimed at.
after that...he started to show some boat.
dave has dubbed him 'the dark horse' and he's the only rocker thus far to earn TWO encores. and, he's arguably had more "moments" than even dilana (who is a bitch of the grandest proportions, but i digress).
may i present, ryan star...who won't win rockstar...but who IS a star nonetheless.

.: web :. ryan star (myspace fansite)
.: web :. stone crow records (get ryan's solo album)
.: web :. rockstar: supernova - ryan
.: web :. ryan star (msn live space)

.: mp3 :. rockstar week 4 - i alone (live)
.: mp3 :. rockstar week 5 - losing my religion (rem)
.: mp3 :. rockstar week 6 - paint it black (rolling stones)
.: mp3 :. rockstar week 6 (elimination song) - enjoy the silence (depeche mode)
.: mp3 :. rockstar week 7 - in the air tonight (phil collins)
.: mp3 :. rockstar week 8 - back of your car (original song)
.: mp3 :. bonus track - back of your car (acoustic version)


how to break an indie-band: clell tickle video

please for the luv of jeebus...watch this video!!!

this is the best thing i've seen this week.
and, it made me laugh..and, that's an awesome thing considering the craptastic week i've had at work.

FU HMV - it's the muthafukkin weekend, bitch!

.: you tube :. Clell Tickle: Indie Marketing Guru



3 people who make me laugh: everyone makes me laugh...it's not a hard thing to do.
3 things I love: james, my family, my job
3 things I hate: gwenyth paltrow, nicole kidman, paris hilton (yes....to me - they are "things")
3 things on my desk (at home): james' beer bottle, packing tape (a good sub for a lint brush), and assorted cds
3 things I am doing right now: downloading rockstar supernova mp3s, sweating, blogging
3 things I want to do before I die: retire, see london and paris, not want anything
3 things I can do: wiggle my toes, curl my tongue, type really fast.
3 ways to describe my personality: light, funny, annoying
3 things people might not know about me: i have places for everyhing, if i don't do things my way - i get flustered, i think in linear lines
3 things I think you should listen to: butch walker, lily allen, your conscience
3 things I don't think you should listen to ever: the devil on your shoulder, people who just like to hear themselves talk, g.w. bush
3 of my absolute favorite foods: spring rolls, chocolate ice cream, burritos!
3 things I'd like to learn: how to calm down, how to think faster, how to cook
3 beverages I drink regularly: water, coffee, juice
3 shows I watched when I was a child: polka dot door, math patrol, read all about it
3 people I tag to do this crap: doesn't matter - i do these for my own amusement.