ryanstar = rockstar?

when rockstar: supernova started...i was all over the lukas train. he's a toronto boy...i had to show my support, and his first performace (rebel yell) proved he was a contender from the very begining.
i have to be honest. i didn't like ryan star at the begining. he bored me. i barely paid attention to his performances...doing songs by the rolling stones and ccr is enough to make me change the channel until someone more interesting takes the stage.
he's the one the infamous tommy lee quote "show me some boat, bitch" was aimed at.
after that...he started to show some boat.
dave has dubbed him 'the dark horse' and he's the only rocker thus far to earn TWO encores. and, he's arguably had more "moments" than even dilana (who is a bitch of the grandest proportions, but i digress).
may i present, ryan star...who won't win rockstar...but who IS a star nonetheless.

.: web :. ryan star (myspace fansite)
.: web :. stone crow records (get ryan's solo album)
.: web :. rockstar: supernova - ryan
.: web :. ryan star (msn live space)

.: mp3 :. rockstar week 4 - i alone (live)
.: mp3 :. rockstar week 5 - losing my religion (rem)
.: mp3 :. rockstar week 6 - paint it black (rolling stones)
.: mp3 :. rockstar week 6 (elimination song) - enjoy the silence (depeche mode)
.: mp3 :. rockstar week 7 - in the air tonight (phil collins)
.: mp3 :. rockstar week 8 - back of your car (original song)
.: mp3 :. bonus track - back of your car (acoustic version)

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