wonderbug come lately

ok...i admit it...people told me that i should be watching lost but, i just couldn't comit to ANOTHER show.
so, i missed last season...but, THIS year...i happened to be at home and i caught a recap episode that gave me the storyline in a nutshell....
but, now...it's all different.
i've been watching the last couple weeks religiously - and, i've been sucked into the online game (http://www.thelostexperience.com/). i've been checking the http://www.thehansofoundation.org/ everyday for new clues to pop up from persephone. i love it that there are compu-nerds who are hacking the source code of the sites searching for passwords and hidden files. my boyfriend is a little scared by the scary noises coming from my computer when i'm sitting watching these clips play out with my nose almost touching the screen.

next week's finale promises to answer some questions (while no doubt, asking even more!)
insiders say there will be closure to the walt/michael storyline...we'll find out what happens when you don't input the numbers on time in the hatch...and, we'll learn what "the others" are really doing on the island (why is miss clue asking weird questions? why do they want michael to bring jack, hurley, kate and sawyer back to their camp? what are they going to do with them? how is sayid going to foil this plot?)

i feel like a loser for missing last year. i see a trip to HMV in my future to pick up Season 1. it will be my way to pass the time during summer rerun season.

i know there are loads of details i have missed and i need to go back and catch up.
and, i promise that i'll be on par with everyone else by the time Season 3 premieres in September.

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