oooooooh...it's magic

ok - enough dilly-dallying.
let's talk about music.

the magic numbers are a interesting bunch.
two sets of siblings (side topic for conversation: what would a band comprised of al, martin and i sound like?) from the UK.

they look like metal greasers..but, have a sound that would make one such as myself say that they are the new MAMAS & THE PAPAS. yes, you heard that correctly.

their first album (self-titled) was filled with sweet airy harmonies, and some really tight pop songs.

they are set to release their follow-up, those the brokes, this fall and this little wonderbug is waiting eagerly.

the first tasty treat is the first single "take a chance" and based on how much i enjoyed the last album - i can tell you that this tune did not disappoint.

:: mp3 :: the magic numbers - take a chance
:: site :: www.myspace.com/themagicnumbers
:: site :: themagicnumbers.net

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