it's getting cold here in hell

sorry...i don't know what's going on.
it's just that one day the world is as it has always has been and things make sense...then BOOM!
everything is different...

day is night - night is day
right is wrong - wrong is right
yes is no - and no is yes
and, you like a christina aguilera song. i'm scared.

i know - it's hard to believe - but, it's true. i think the world is officially coming to an end.

the track is from her new album, tentatively called, BACK TO BASICS. and will probably been hitting the streets summer/fall time.

produced by preemo (thanks al!...aka dj premiere) and features the jazzy throw-back sound everyone's been talking about - but, is completely contemporary and just plain HAWT!

i've had this song on repeat for an hour now - and, i'm feeling a little faint.
excuse me while i go grab a cookie.


.: mp3 :. christina aguilera - ain't no other man

"you got soul, you got class, you got style - you're bad ass...ain't no other man but you!"

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