nelly furtado - on the loose

so, nelly's new cd "loose" is available this coming tuesday (june 20th).
and, based on the first single - the pumpin' "promiscuous" [feat. timbaland] - i really expected to be hooked on this album from the first listen.

today - the cd entered the office. so, i immediately asked my boss to borrow hers (didn't want to wait for mine to make it's way from across the building from the product dept).

popped it into the ol puter and let it go.


that's the best way i can describe it.

not all of it is as hip-hop as the first single, as i hoped it would be. especially considering tim produced the ENTIRE ALBUM!
"I grew up listening to hip-hop and R&B but when it came to my own music, I kind of put that on a shelf. With this record, though, I knew I wanted to have that sound." - nelly furtado
but, i did give it only one listen....more chances is definitely in order...to be fair.

i'll give it another shot tomorrow.

if you want to give it a listen for yourself (no - i'm not posting it...sorry)...umusic.ca has included a link to stream the album in it's entirety.

.: stream :. nelly furtado - loose (you need real audio)

you can also stream the new keane album "under the iron sea" if you have the interest....

.: stream :. keane - under the iron sea (you need real audio)

ps - don't you love the booty nelly's got going on in the photo posted above? it looks like it's someone else's ass pasted on her body!


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