wanky and whiney as usual

ok - all is right with the world once again.
i maintain that thom yorke and his radiohead cronies have been wanky and whiney since the release of OK COMPUTER.
i loved THE BENDS. loved. loved. LOVED.

then thom stopped singing. he seemed more concerned with knob twiddling than with carrying a tune.
i blame all self-obsessed musicians on radiohead's whiny ways. dashboard confessional? i'm looking in your direction.

but, their fans seem to eat it up.

they'll pay anything for these guys.

the internet is nearly clogged with people passing around the tracks to the new thom yorke solo disc THE ERASER (released via xl recordings on july 11). so, who am i to say no?

so, i did the unthinkable - i took a listen.

and, i'm glad to report that he's whining like nobody's business...the songs are all ethereal and computer-y.
i hate it.

radiohead snobs will love it.

the streets will be soaked in their urine.


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