best ALBUMS of 2006

i did a mighty 2 podcasts presumably giving my nods to the best songs of 2006

well – my brain must have farted because i neglected a couple key tracks (i think i just forgot they actually came out in 2006)

hello! where was “hard to beat” by hard-fi? where was “rise up with fists” by jenny lewis?

anyway…here are my picks for best albums of 2006.

what makes a “best album” you ask?

well – i have to like all the songs enough to listen to it all the way through.

that might not sound like anything special – but, with the amount of cds that cross my desk…if i listen to more than a couple tracks…that’s a pretty good album!

wonderbug’s best albums of 2006

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  1. the kooks :: inside in/inside out
  2. lily allen :: alright, still
  3. hard-fi :: stars of cctv
  4. snow patrol :: eyes open
  5. arctic monkeys :: whatever you say we are, that’s what we’re not
  6. robbie williams :: rudebox
  7. razorlight :: razorlight
  8. jenny lewis & the watson twins :: rabbit fur coat
  9. hot chip :: the warning
  10. belle & sebastian :: the life pursuit

:: podcast :: best songs of 2006, part 1
:: podcast :: best songs of 2006, part 2

ps – i just got a call at work from a guy that is doing a tv show on some local cable outlet in windsor. this episode in particular is talking about the lack of support for hip-hop in canada. anyway – i’m thinking he’s going to ask us to buy an ad or something…and, he asks me if i’d like to come on his show to be interviewed on this topic.

i said: not me personally – but, you can talk to a member of the product dept.

he says: but, you’re in charge of marketing for hmv. why won’t you do the interview?

i say: i am not personally in charge of marketing. i work *in* the marketing dept.

him: well, who is in charge of marketing?

me [getting annoyed] : my director, saundra…who is out of the office for the rest of the week (knowing full well there’s not a snowball’s chance she’d go to windsor to do an interview on cable tv about hip hop.)

him: well, how can i talk to if you’re not in charge? wouldn’t you want to have your views known?

me: like i said already, the product dept would be your best bet because they actually buy the cds for hmv. i wouldn’t want to personally give this interview because this is not my area of expertise.

him: ok, i’ll talk to them.

me: good [transfer to reception hoping they’ll get rid of him].

i hate hard sells….they annoy me. good thing i get 3 gajillion sales calls at work every day – don’t get many interview opps…but, anyway. this is the equivalent to getting telemarketing calls at home.and, i’m not much more polite to them, if the truth be told.


Moxy Ness said...

Hey, I like your best of 06 list. Don't you think Kenny G should have been on there?
And hey! WTF?!?!?! Are you NUTS?!?!? I can't believe you gave up your ONE chance to FAME!!! Do you know how many famous peeps came out of Windsor!!
Gaaawd!! I don't know if you can ever come over to my house again.

wonderbug said...

i didn't like the kenny g..but, john tesh's cd was KILLER!

i know...my one shot at fame is now gone.

what if i bring you cool desserts? can i come over, then?

Moxy Ness said...

I break out in a big sweat when I hear John Tesh's voice...its kinda gross...but god I love him!

OK. You can still come over....Queen of Tarts would be preferred.

wonderbug said...

so, you have asked and so it shall be done.

Green Fish said...

I have tagged you, you are IT

Moxy Ness said...

HEY!!! Make another blog will you!

wonderbug said...

it's coming....
frankie says "RELAX"