so over 2006

I am so over 2006.

The beginning of 2005 sucked HARD!
But, the tail end of ’05 and the start of ’06 had me hoping for a turning of the tides.

But, it was not to be.

There was an unplanned (and unwise) marriage resulting in an estrangement.
There was a move to Japan.
There was a death.
There was another death.
Then there was another death.
Then there was another death.
Then today there was one more death.

It’s just too much. Too sad.

There are only 25 more days until this gawd-forsaken year is over.
Do you think it will be possible to get through those days without any further tragedies?

In closing, to the year 2006, I say this:


To help make up for my mood, I give you this:

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Moxy Ness said...

Oh! sorry this year sucked ass! 2007 will be WAAAY better! Wanna know why? Cause Mike and James will finally admit they are secret boyfriends.

wonderbug said...

*sigh* every girl's fantasy...that her boyfriend will step out of the secret boyfriend closet.
do you ever wonder what they do at work? i mean, besides the old jewish man voices and COFFEE TABLE and TAINT jokes? i have...it's scary