rockstar supernova

i'm so happy.

having a boyfriend that works nights gives me a lot of free time in the evenings.
sometimes, tv is a good friend to have.

and, i'm so excited that ROCKSTAR has returned to my life once again this summer.

last night saw the first episode of season 2 hit the airwaves.
tommy lee, jason newstead and gilby clarke (to be known from this point forward as supernova) were joined by series host brooke burke and permanent guest judge dave navarro.

special treat for moi? supernova producer BUTCH WALKER was also in attendance. i think he'll be stopping by the show every now and again (in between tour dates to promote HIS new album).

contestants....i'm only going to bother writing about the ones that deserve to be written about.

  • storm - stoopid name....but, a good rendition of the who's "pinball wizard"
  • patrice - loved her doing "somebody to love" by jefferson airplane
  • dilana - i have nirvana..but, she was good doing lithium. she won't be able to get away with her "just stand there looking crazy" routine next time. i hope she changes it up and does something soft and romantic. just to show her range.
  • josh - gotta love a man that loves the black crowes. he had a good vibe. would like to hear him do gavin degraw's "i don't wanna be"...he'd be good with that.

LAST NIGHT'S BEST PERFORMANCE: that belonged to toronto's own lukas rossi.

formerly of the band cleavage, rossi has worked with some notable canuck musicians (tea party, edwin, philosopher kings, alex from rush...)

his performace of billy idol's "rebel yell" was a new wave explosion. he SCREAMED rockstar, nevermind just saying it, tommy!

he's the one to watch. he will no doubt get tonight's encore performance.

he was electrifying! like greased lightning!

.: web :. http://rockstar.msn.com/
.:. recap :. what's alan watching? - rockstar ladies night

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