beautiful midnight

so, i was having one of those days...one of those days where you're on the way to work and you're looking at all the songs on your friggin ipod and you can't decide what you want to listen to.

i've listened the crap out of all the new stuff i've gotten recently...new razorlight...girl talk...lily...tomi swick (much better than i thought i was going to be)...and, i couldn't listen to the kooks again (as much as i love it).

so, i'm scrolling around and finally passed by the "m"s.

matthew good band..................

"ok - i have listened to beautiful midnight in a long time...let's give it a whirl".

let me backtrack a bit and paint the picture for you.

i loved matt good...LOVED...boardered on obsession.

i was so in love with beautiful midnight that i listened to that damn album at least once a day for about a year (much to the chagrin of my cubical co-workers).

but, it was such a great album. hard and melodic and just plain awesome (i have a hard time liking music if i can't sing along to it).

so, today i'm listening to BM again after who the fuck knows how long and song after song that plays i began to remember how much this CD rocked.

hello time bomb...load me up...strange days...a boy and his machine gun...running for home...and jenni's song.

i was walking through the bay when running for home came on..and, i had to fight back the tears...i forgot how beautiful that song was.

aaaaaaand, i was thinking...hello time bomb would be a PERFECT song for one of the rockers to sing on Rockstar: Supernova! but, that will never happen (case in point - when 'born to be mild' dana said she was going to sing an underground song by a signer named 'sass jordan'...i bet the 1 million canadians watching that show LOVED that.)

don't you love rediscovering something you'd forgotten you loved so much?

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