new shit you must listen to

you must listen to the new sloan track.
new album coming this fall...this is the first taste.
a little treat because, to the best of my recollection, we've never had a jay track as the first single (if this is, indeed, the first single).

as you would expect from a jay track - it's melodic and sweet in the vocal.
but, it's got a rockier edge to it (perhaps the influence of patrick? i don't know).

it's very 70's rock...me likes it.

.: mp3 :. sloan - who taught you to live like that?

you must listen to the new razorlight.

when their first album came out - they were dubbed (as soooooo many before them) as the "next big think from the uk".

i saw them at lee's palace and mr johnny thought he was the fucking man! he was strutting around the stage like mick jagger and it threw me off.

i wasn't keen on them after that (even though i admit "golden touch" was an awesome track). johnny even had the NERVE to diss the kooks (how DARE you!...even though lily allen's done the same thing now, too...but, i digress).

but, then tracks started to surface from their new self-titled album. songs like 'america' and 'pop song 2006' and the first single 'in the morning'...and, i started to come around.

they're good. listen.

.: mp3 :. razorlight - in the morning

you must listen to girl talk.

the name is pretty lame. i admit that. but, it's not what you think.

girl talk is an awesome artist....who's art is the mash-up...but, not like the mash-ups you've grown used to. these are works of fucking art (that will never be released by a major label). i'm waiting for the lawsuits to start pouring in.

the first single from his new cd 'night ripper' is a certified club anthem....'bounce that'.

.: mp3 :. girl talk - bounce that

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