i'm a sucker for a catchy tune...don't hate

ok...i've never been open for my love of fall out boy. i've been fighting with myself.
i REALIZE that i am no longer a 14-year old girl swooning after the next cute boy in the band of the moment.
....but, i'm a sucker for a catchy song.

i love songs (regardless of genre) that i can sing along to.
there's nothing better than listening to the iPod on the way home from work and smiling and swaying back and forth to the music in your ear-buds while the guy behind you laughs at you (note: this actually happened to me last week. luckily, the guy was a guy i know from work - so, it wasn't so bad).

back to the point....

i haven't publicized by love of the boy (ie, fall out boy)...but, when i looked at my "most played" songs in iTunes and it showed that i've listened to "Sugar, We're Going Down" 63 times...i couldn't keep the farce going any longer.

then the new album leaked (street date: feb 6th). infinity on high, gawd - even the title is cheezy.

downloaded. listened. loved.

butch walker produced a few tracks - i love it.
babyface (yes, THAT babyface) produced a few tracks - they are actually my favourite on the entire album.

why can't i stop listening to this?
because it's so g'damn catchy!

i wouldn't be caught dead at a show though.
i'd want to punch the little girl in front of me, holding up that "I love Pete!" sign, in the face.

i say all this, but i know that i need not apologize for liking music for 2 reasons:
1. there is no such thing as a guilty pleasure. if you like it and 'they' don't...FUCK EM!
2. everyone knows my love of cheesy pop. it's pretty much what i grew up on on.

:: illegal download :: fall out boy - infinity on high


Green Fish said...

I truly believe that if you like it, its good. BUT YOU'RE MAKIN' IT HARD MOFO.

Krankie MacHightrousers said...

Are these guys punk? Because I'm really into Good Charlotte.

wonderbug said...

don't even get me started on the new good charlotte...i've heard 2 tracks...and, *gulp*...i like 'em.
did i ever tell you that i listened to the 2nd good carlotte CD every day on the way to work for a few months a couple years ago?
you want to leave me now, don't you?
ps -yes, at this very moment...i'm listening to fall out boy AGAIN!

Moxy Ness said...

I understand homegirl! I'm like that with a lot of hiphop stuff... and yes, even Fall Out Boy. Are they Canadian too?