brit awards :: the fallout (no pun intended)

the awards were held in london last week.
let's take a look at how DREADFUL my picks were....plus - i'll include my original comments...there are some telling comments in there.

British Male Solo Artist
· James Morrison WINNER
· Jarvis Cocker
· Lemar
· Paolo Nutini
· Thom Yorke
::wonderbug pick to win:: thom yorke >> not because i like him, but because everyone and their brother pees their pants over his insufferable whining.

British Female Solo Artist
· Amy Winehouse WINNER
· Corinne Bailey Rae
· Jamelia
· Lily Allen
· Nerina Pallot
::wonderbug pick to win:: lily allen >> it would be cool if amy winehouse won (i highly recommend her new cd, back to black)....but, this was lily's year.
:: wonderbug after the fact comment :: why didn't i just stick with amy????

British Group
· Arctic Monkeys WINNER
· Kasabian
· Muse
· Razorlight
· Snow Patrol
::wonderbug pick to win:: snow patrol >> i really enjoyed the new razorlight (much more than the first cd) and my love of the monkey's is widely known...but, overall i need to give props to snow patrol. ONE. FINE. CD!
:: wonderbug after the fact comment :: oh geez...why do i say i like someone to win...and, then not pick them?

MasterCard British Album
· Amy Winehouse Back to Black
· Arctic Monkeys Whatever people say I am, that’s what I’m not WINNER
· Lily Allen Alright, Still
· Muse Black Holes & Revelations
· Snow Patrol Eyes Open
::wonderbug pick to win:: snow patrol >> see above
:: wonderbug after the fact comment :: it was a really good album....grrr

British Single
(Winner chosen by UK Commercial Radio listeners)
· Corinne Bailey Rae "Put your records on"
· The Feeling "Fill my little world"
· James Morrison "You give me something"
· Kooks "She moves in her own way"
· Leona Lewis "A moment like this"
· Lily Allen "Smile"
· Razorlight "America"
· Sandi Thom "I wish I was a punk rocker"
· Snow Patrol "Chasing cars"
· Take That "Patience" WINNER
· Will Young "All time love"
::wonderbug pick to win:: leona lewis >> wow...so many good songs to choose from (much better than the grammy noms in my opinion), but i pick the X-Factor Winner Leona Lewis as the winner (even if her first single was a Kelly Clarkson single 4 years ago....)
:: wonderbug after the fact comment :: i'm actually glad TT won...good for them! ps -i sat on gary barlow's lap once - and stole his cocktail glass...i still have it....true story

British Breakthrough Act
(Winner chosen by Radio 1 listeners)
· Corinne Bailey Rae
· Fratellis WINNER
· James Morrison
· Kooks
· Lily Allen
::wonderbug pick to win:: lily allen >> the fratellis album is SO good...and, the kooks are friggin wicked (one of my fav albums of 2006!) but, i'm still giving this one to lily. i think the night belongs to her and snow patrol....and oasis.
:: wonderbug after the fact comment :: aren't you loving how i keep mentioning how good it would be if a particular artist won....AND THEN THEY END UP WINNING??

British Live Act
(Nominees chosen by a panel of experts in association with The Live Music Forum. Winner chosen by Radio 2 listeners)
· George Michael
· Guillemots
· Kasabian
· Robbie Williams
::wonderbug pick to win:: robbie williams >> there are no other choices. he's got this one locked.
:: wonderbug after the fact comment :: whatever..this one was totally fixed. robbie entered rehab the DAY OF the brits...he should have won.

Outstanding Contribution to music
· Oasis
::wonderbug comment:: weeping from happiness.....
:: wonderbug after the fact comment :: stoopid CBC didn't show the entire performance OR acceptance speech. i had to read about it later. friggin ijits.

and, so...in closing...here's to hoping i clean up at the oscars this sunday. that will be the only chance i have to win the office pool.


Moxy Ness said...

Why hadn't I heard of Amy Winehouse before the Brits? She seems cool...weird, but cool.
I can't say I was as happy about Take That as you were, but if I sat on Barlow's lap, I'd probably feel the same. (will you bring that glass next time your over, just so I can LOOK at it?)

Moxy Ness said...

whoa! I just had to tell you about the Word Verification!

Krankie MacHightrousers said...

You know what's weird...I picked Nexyjp to win best non - poof limey band of the year. How did they do?

wonderbug said...

moxy - you should def check out the amy winehouse....
in fact...you can download it with this link: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=WEJHROMG

i met her when she came to do promo on her first album...very norf london - but, i liked her.
this album is VERY good.
mark ronson produced a lot of the songs and i LOVE his stuff (he did a bunch of stuff with lily allen and some songs on the last robbie album)...

and, i'll bring the glass.
i didn't drink out of it for many years...but, now krankie uses it to drink his cocktails.

krankie: you're the poofy scotsman of the year.

Blarneyman said...

How do ye know so much about Brit music in Canada?

You're all the way over there, and we're all the way over here.

wonderbug said...

b-man...well, i work for hmv (that's one reason, i guess) and i spend way too much time on the internet and listening to music.

Green Fish said...

where you at.....is you dead

wonderbug said...

i've been stuck on facebook.
and, isn't that like the pot calling the kettle black?
where's your new post, biatch?