sxsw 07 roundup :: part one :: the day stuff

so, i'm back from my first visit to the "music capital of the world" austin, tx - sxsw...that was an experience. i've seen a lot of shows in my day...but, never 13 bands in one day (like i did last thursday). so, here we go...here is my run-down of what i did...what i saw...what i heard and what i recommend.

thursday march 15 2007

:: the pipettes ::
we went to the fader/levis party but, didn't realize that we needed to be on the list (people rsvp'ed in advance). when we got to the front of the line where the guy asks for your name and checks against his MASSIVE list...i just asked "is there ANY way we can get in?" the dude looked at my badge (sap says to look at my company) and then said "ok - sure". we got our wristbands (good for the shows happening all week!) and went in. the party was sponsored by southern comfort and there were FREE DRINKS FOR EVERYONE!
i've never been a drinker. but, sap and i decided to try. the signs were advertising socal and lime...so, we asked the girl for that. she said "you should try the punches instead". we did..they were good!
then we go up to the front of the stage. the pipettes were on next.
they were just as awesome as i thought they'd be. they were cute and sassy in their matching black/white polka-dot outfits.

wonderbug rating :: 8/10

:: lily allen ::
right after the pipettes left the stage we blew that pop stand and headed over to waterloo records. there was a line - but, the guy working the door said that sparklehorse was still playing and that people would leave and that we'd be able to get in. we did. the place was PACKED! saw a couple people we know - but, left them to weasle our way to the other side of the store. found a little nook behind an info booth counter (when a staff member came up to use the computer - he surprised us by NOT kicking us out).
like the other lily show i saw. she didn't play very long and did not bring her full band.
but, what we saw - we liked. she did that kooks cover i love and threw in blondie's "heart of glass" for good measure.

wonderbug rating :: 7.5/10

:: pete & the pirates ::
right after lily - we hoped back into a cab and headed BACK to the fader party. we wanted to see the fratellis.when we got there a cool band was playing. we had to look them up to see who they were. they were pete & the pirates. cool brit-poppy.
stoopid NOW gave them a "miss" and called them generic...evs! i liked them.

wonderbug rating :: 7/10

:: bonde do role ::
holy fuck. when bonde do role hit play on their entrance music i was captivated. not only did they use samples from "wild thing," "man in the box" and "i believe in a thing called love" but they rapped HARD over the beats in full on portugese (they are from brazil). listen to them....please.

wonderbug rating :: 8.5/10

:: the fratellis (acoustic) ::
they played an acoustic set. and quite frankly after the high i was on after bonde do role - i considered it a let down. but, don't worry.
this was not to be the last encouter with the fratellis this trip...more to come.

wonderbug rating :: 6/10

end of the day stuff...to be continued...


Moxy Ness said...

For sure, you are the coolest gal I know!

Green Fish said...

I just downloaded The Pipettes. Very cool. I'ma gonna git that ther record.

elizabeth said...

I wanna hang out with this chick. Verra cool.

Krankie MacHightrousers said...

I would like some stories about meeting Rudy Vallee if you met him. Thank you.

Green Fish said...

is u ded